Even if the release used Account is now locked, on other platforms, the data about Links to free accessible on the web, informed Caspar on Friday. Although he was waiting since Morning to answer, has failed to receive a response from Twitter. “Also in Hamburg, the German head office, is not a competent contact person reachable”, – stated in the message of his authority. Now is the time to demand by means of an arrangement that was directly addressed on Twitter in Ireland, is legally binding, the blocking of the Links.

“Although we have currently exhausted all available measures, we can not prevent that these data are more publicly on the net,” said Caspar. The case shows that the flow of communication needed to be improved – both “compared to platforms such as Twitter, but also in the co-operation between Authorities”.

As a full-time inclusion of data protection would have been installed by the Federal authorities, since they had the tools to complicate the access to the personal data. “The protection of the rights concerned may not open, depending on it, that data protection authorities know of the massive violation of the Rights and freedoms of the Affected from the media,” said Caspar.



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