This is to be achieved mainly through transparency. To the Senate, any provider of an apartment in Hamburg in the future, with a so-called housing protection number to register. Online portals such as Airbnb should be required, moreover, only deals with this number.

in addition, the period in which an apartment may be rented as a holiday accommodation is to be reduced from six to only two months. Anyone who violates them, must reckon with a fine of up to EUR 500 000.

apartment owners, who register themselves and their premises in the approved time period other than the accommodation offer, to the can also do in the future, so Tschentscher. Problematic cases in which dwellings to a commercial interest or purpose would be alienated. “We want to separate the wheat from the chaff”, says Hamburg’s mayor. Half a Million euros as the fine, have “a preventive deterrent effect”.

According to the city’s development Senator, Dorothee Stapelfeldt (SPD) offered by the 938 000 Hamburg apartments alone on Airbnb between 6000 and 7000 as holiday accommodation. In view of the tight housing market and rising Rents in the city, sun on the Hand, “that we must protect the housing stock against the purpose of foreign use,” she said. The Monitoring Authorities in the districts shall be increased by an additional eight, two temporary, existing to be converted in permanent.

will be implemented in order for all of this, is an amendment to the housing law on the protection needed. The Senate yesterday adopted a proposal, the citizenship must now confirm. A shape-thing, a Red-Green majority. The new law will thus come as planned at the beginning of next year.

This article was written by Mike Schlink

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