learned, such As the MOPO, sat the 43-Year-old previously in jail because he made 2015 with a woolen mask, dressed in hunting women! The “evening journal” had first reported about this fact.

For his “exhibitionist acts” was Mike M. on 12. July of this year, busted. The trained bricklayer was released in mid-November and will have to beat again as a sex offender. He is suspected to have a woman in the middle of December in the bridge rose in the past. The woman was able to fend off the attempted rape by a Kick. Christmas eve Mike M. will have a 21-Year-old attacked.

“M. is accused in two cases of sexual coercion, in one case, as a test, as well as insult and act of exhibitionism,” says Nana from Bach, spokeswoman for the Hamburg public Prosecutor’s office to MOPO. Mike M. was taken before the judge.

This article was written by Olivier David

*The contribution to “Farmsen-sex offender: Mike M. (43) went naked on wife hunting” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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