Similar to many seniors living in the cracks. There, the Ü65-share is according to the statistical office of North (Stand: 31. December 2017) just 30.4 percent.

In the list of the districts with the most seniors Marmstorf (28.8 percent), Wellingsbüttel (28.2 percent), Blankenese (27.6 percent), people of the village (26.3 percent) and Niendorf (26.1 percent).

So, it looks in the district of

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At least the proportion of the Hamburger from 65 years in Hammerbrook is, where he is a measly 3.4 percent. After that, Kleiner grasbrook/Steinwerder (5.4 percent), bill brook (5.5 percent), Veddel (8.3 percent), billwerder (8.4 percent), Neuallermöhe (8.7 per cent), port city (9.2 percent) and St. Pauli (9.6 percent).

This article was written by Simone Paul’s

*The contribution of “Hamburger over 65 years of age: In these parts of the city, the majority of pensioners” living comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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