But not all can find the wild pounding as well. According to a survey, about two-thirds of Germans are in favour of a ban on firecrackers. Also in the MOPO all colleagues have long been agreed that if a ban is not also in Hamburg would be the point. A Pro and contra.

Pro: stop with the Puffbummbäng-madness

Oh Yes, new year’s eve. The night of nights. The day of the year, where a whole country increases, collective in a calendar given Feierwut. Here is a more anachronistic tradition leads to one of the most absurd combinations of our otherwise maximum safety-conscious present day: millions of stinky drunken German tons of explosives to get to the Hand, so that you can yourself and your environment as efficiently as possible in the highest risk. Super Idea!

The balance sheet is always this: more and more police and emergency forces miles to the party under fire. In the emergency room, the war-wounded from the battle to collect from the afternoon to the loudest Bang and brightest flash. Eye way Finger – what the heck, new year’s eve is only once a year. Alone damage to the inner ear suffer each year around 8000 people on new year’s eve, around a third of the reserves lasting damage, reported the “Deutsche Ärzteblatt” in the year 2013. But, hey, what was that for fun!

And while the whole rest is gegreint the year, concerned about fine dust and you can’t take the car manufacturer’s opinion, the Otto normal consumer hard enough to the curb, put the same folks for the new year, so much black powder in the fire, that in the shortest possible time, according to the Federal environment Agency 4500 tons of fine dust to be released. This corresponds to about 15.5 per cent annually in road transport, the amount released.

It is as fast as a narrow-minded buzzkill, if you ask in the context after a little bit of common sense: the bread instead of firecrackers? But the Sandwich POPs, but not if they start shooting the neighbors to the living room window!

True. But you should consider what you could buy from the 137 million euros, the Hiking for the whole Puffbummbäng over the counter, and everything Nice: Perhaps the Software “Fireworks Simulator”, according to the package insert “in cooperation with certified Pyro-technicians developed. Gameplay with limitless combinations of different effects. Over 100 authentic effects“. Only costs € 20.95 and goes to anyone on the mind, if you use headphones.

Nowhere in the Western world is so blasted disinhibited. In most countries, you can be professionals in appropriate Places fireworks Shows for the General public stage. There is then at least clear who is to clean up all the garbage afterwards.

So, please: Ban the bullshit and the bird’s wild stage on new year’s eve prefer to use for the consumption of very loud good music. Is perhaps unhealthy, but has more style.

double: the Church Let me in the village of

Germany is a prohibition state. Since we are the undisputed champion of. And now is still called for another ban, which will come to the felt to 99,999, the here, and there are the firecrackers-prohibition! Na, class. And when the Cursing is prohibited, or Spit it out? People, let the Church times in the village.

Yes, once a year the people turn a bit, and firecrackers. This is but to endure. Yes, that’s right, there are dozens and dozens are injured. This is crap. But idiots, the fire wasted their rockets horizontally or China böller in the behind, not to be stopped by bans. Now the really life-threatening “Poland-firecrackers are banned” strictly. The possession of this with extremely high loads-filled devil’s tool, even under the explosives act. You can even go to jail. Nevertheless, thousands of these things will be ignited on new year’s eve.

Yes, and then the Argument, what you could do with the verböllerten money (137 million Euro in 2017) everything Nice. I can’t hear it. This accusatory sayings of do-gooders! “Bread instead of firecrackers!” calling a woman pastor Käßmann and other. No! I want to, damn it, decide how I spend my money, or just for the new year, also verpulvere. Since I don’t need a Philistine who wants to forbid me, or me a bad Conscience.

Okay, the one with a dark past. One who was already crazy at the tender age of ten or twelve fully-firecrackers -. I would like to take this opportunity to the residents of the Eimsbütteler Federal street and the neighbors on the Rehmbrook in Poppenbüttel, where my friend Andreas lived, a formal apology. We have it really exaggerated back in the 70s!

But back to the present. So, dear Hamburg Senate: Let the people once a year, their noisy fun. And to all of the kindle as I new year the one or the other firecracker: wear gloves, the paws are burned quickly. Better put on cotton clothes instead of stuff from easily flammable Fleece, or synthetic fiber. The too-drunk buddy from hold to firecrackers, watch the kids, and let your neighbors alone. In this sense: Stay tolerant and a good slip!

This article was written by Thomas Hirschbiegel, Maik Koltermann

*The contribution of “madness or fun Should be banned new year’s eve firecrackers in Hamburg?” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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