Brosda is a founding Chairman of the new conference, the responsible for culture Ministers under the umbrella of the conference of education Ministers. “The beginning of a working group of States and the Federal government for the reappraisal of the colonial heritage and the handling of colonial-loaded Collections in our museums,” said he to the programme of work of the new body was decided in the autumn.

state Minister for Culture Monika Grütters (CDU), had spoken out recently in favour of more offensive on the return drained the cultural goods of the origin of peoples thinking. The discussion was also recorded in Germany, after the experts had suggested in a report for the French President, Emmanuel Macron, virtually all of the colonial-era works of art be returned to their countries of origin in Africa. “France shows us just how to proceed, and Germany should not stand in the case of this topic off,” demanded Brosda in the Stuttgart leaves.



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