Since 2012, you will find surprise eggs girls surprise eggs. They are Packed with pink foil and included pink fairies-figures. As if you couldn’t trust girls, a plastic game piece to assemble! This example shows the absurd Dilemma: Instead of raise our children free of prejudice, and without the pressure of expectations, we put you in drawers. This has to stop!

children are born as a human. As the blank leaves, as individuals with predispositions, but without prejudice. Nevertheless little expectations of you: boys wear Blue, are naughty, do not cry, and be encouraged to climb a tree even higher. You are a knight, a pirate, like to play with cars, like mathematics, and will eventually feed a family.

girl (although the word itself has a tiny, young Chen carries a negative connotation), wear Pink, like things that glitter are cute and will not make it alone on the tree, this is much too dangerous, you could hurt yourself or an unsightly scar. You must be good in art, music and languages. Of math and technology, however, please leave the Finger.

we educate our children. In Categories. With prejudices and expectations. And that is so outdated and unnecessary!

Pink for girls, Blue for boys? So a nonsense!

you will find that I exaggerate? Of due! So I had to see, for example, the following conversations and situations:

shopping in the children’s specialty store. A Boy in the kindergarten age should be able to choose shoes, he chose the red. The mother indignantly: “no, no, no! Red is a girl color.“

Other Situation: my daughter, a good year old, with me at the bakery. She wore a blue jacket with pink applications. The woman in front of us in line thought you were a boy, I corrected her in a friendly way. The lady was very enthusiastic: The incorrect title was probably your fault. How should you recognize that it was a girl, the child-bearing finally, so much Blue.

It’s not about the color Codes – but expectations!

I don’t understand. Colors are neutral per se. It tells you a certain psychological effect (Red stimulates, Yellow makes a good mood …), but no value. By our Definition, you get this value: a girl in a pink dress, the “sweet” and “cute”. Boys, by contrast, bullies, and “the wild bunch Shirt”, therefore, into the dark.

It is me here, not about some stupid color code, but the expectation – the drawer that is opened. We adults determine what is “girl” and what “boys”colors. Just as we determine, what are female and male attributes. But why actually?

If you don’t see the gender at first glance: it doesn’t matter.

you don’t Understand me wrong! I’m not outraged feminist who has denied her daughter’s dolls and tractors to Play with. And I’m also not intentionally louder, “boys”clothes. But I would like to see the society that you can wear so many blue-Jackets, pants, sweaters and dresses as you would like. You must play with cars and footballs, and that needs to be addressed.

Just by the way, as boys have, of course, also dolls and ballet lessons to go. This is one of the best of intentions, could speak against it. Children are, in fact, in the first place: children. And if you can’t tell your gender at first glance: it doesn’t matter. Why is this important?

it is Not the gender defines us, but the character!

we’re going to be a different experience. On a quite windy day I stood with my stroller in front of a shopping passage. A concerned elderly lady asked if the Baby is not too cold. She looked in the car and said: “Oh, it’s a Boy!” (Not true of course!)

A friend of mine also reported this story: The parents ‘ evening a teacher presented the route for the upcoming trip of third graders. 15 kilometers, the Tour should be a “challenge,” the Kids have done at the end of “pride, because of something”. As a mother of three daughters, raised his hand and said: “Well, Yes, but it should also create the girls.”

What values are these woman and their children? That girls are not as “strong” as boys? That girls can’t do everything boys can? Many women are taught from small on – especially, and unfortunately, also from their role models: their mothers – that they are the weaker sex. The princesses waiting to be rescued. But this is nonsense. Girls can be strong, be brave, loud, or weaker, shy, quiet. But that has nothing to do with your gender, but rather your character.

remember, what will become of Your children!

of Course, there are many wonderful parents who raise their children lovingly and without prejudice. But even they are not immune to the drawers – because they are not open from their environment. I can’t prevent as a mother, but every Single one of us can do it!

I would wish for my daughter, but also for all the other children that you feel the freedom to be anything you want to. To climb on every tree, if you have the confidence. Every piece of clothing that you like.

Above all, I make an appeal to all parents: Trust your kids, whether girls or boys. Remember, what’s to become of you: self-confident women who walk upright through life. And strong men that can admit to also weaken. But most of all: Living to your children that no one belongs in any drawer, no matter what is on it.

Recorded by Miriam Khan

This article was written by Christine Leyens

*The contribution of “Weak girls, strong guys?: To listen, to put our children in drawers!” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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