weighing A Constrictor, reptiles measure or hierarchy in the case of the crocodiles: In the tropical aquarium in the Hamburg Hagenbeck zoo, the zookeeper Team has been busy on the Friday intensive with the individual animals. The Director of the tropical aquarium, Guido Westhoff, took the so-called animal Check-Up in 2018, a black-and-yellow jungle carpet Python on the Arm, and put it on a scale, which indicated 1855 grams.

“A very decent weight,” he said and threw a look to look, the tip of the tongue and movement of the seven-year-old female. “The animal is clean in great shape on the outside.” The carpet pythons, which are widely used in Australia and new Guinea, according to the animal parks in the coming year for young.

Satisfied the Team was with the development of the thorn tail bearded dragons that do not live long in a tropical aquarium. The little desert dwellers were surveyed to assess their breeding suitability. “The animals have grown in the last year, very nice,” said animal Keeper Florian all of a sudden.

With voltage, a Test at the Nile crocodiles, in the midst of melons threw into the water was expected. How is the dominance behaviour of the three females that live with the 25-year-old male Raja together? The 24-year-old Vicky, otherwise actually the lowest in the ranking, was one of the Attempts, as the first female and the prey. This pleased not Westhoff: “she pulls back completely,” he said.



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