came to The Hamburg-based “daily show”spokesman Wilhelm wove (83) has a very special role: He took the “Newsflash”-the Text of the Single (“In the last few months the number of missing persons has increased dramatically …”). Now he speaks for the first Time.

MOPO: How you were back then, to Falco? Since his über-hit “The Commissioner,” he was already internationally known.

Wilhelm wove: I met him never. But I had heard the music, now and again. And “The Commissioner” I knew, of course. Falco came to me from the distance, very typical for an Austrian.

Why have they promised?

I thought to myself, you can’t even do that? I am also a trained actor. Since such a request is not unusual.

Was the offer as lucrative?

Already. I got the 2000 Mark. And to read the Text, it takes half a Minute. However I would have needed at the time, an agent would have told me that I may require in addition to the fee, a deductible, so I’m after involved a percentage of the sales of the song. Then it would have been really lucrative.

what was it Like for you as a “daily show”speaker that combines seriousness, all of a sudden, in a Pop Video show up?

I could not estimate at the time of the recording, because I was see in the Video, but it was not filmed extra. The Text has been cut over old Material. This was rather a Surprise for me.

It is, Yes, Falco would be glorified with the combination of the erotic Video and a hint of a crime the topic of rape. You feel that way?

no. You can interpret it maybe so, but personally, I thought never to rape.

to Remind you, when you heard the finished track with your voice recording for the first Time?

That was weeks later, on the Radio. I had mixed feelings. But I would have it blow never so, as the media have the time. It was perhaps a somewhat exaggerated reaction to the Videos. And this reaction also had something to do with a different context: The children of the then correspondent Dieter Kronzucker had been kidnapped in 1980 in Italy …

From this personal perspective, denounced Kronzucker in a comment in the “heute-Journal” Falco and the “Jeanny”-the Song.

Exactly. A short time later, I learned that the Song lands on the Index. But I do not regret it, to have the recording made.

do you Believe that someone like Falco, who has often sought the scandal, the culture of life and the society any good?

He was certainly an interesting bird-of-Paradise. There are always people who get in the way.

you Have read, in 1998, actually, the news of Falco’s death in the “Tagesschau”?

I think not. One thing I could remember. When someone dies so young, it is always a great destiny.

In any case, they are become by Falco is part of pop history.


with the Swings as a little bit of Pride?

no, this has nothing to do with Pride. A certain degree of Pride I was just in character.

The Text is also listening to “Falco – The Musical”. What do you think: Did Falco deserve to be in a Musical?

Yes, why not? He wanted to be famous! And if the Musical is well attended, which speaks for itself. I’ll look into it and am very curious what awaits me there. It is always a risky thing to embody a famous Person.

“More!”-Theater: 3.1., 20 PM, the rest of the cards

This article was written by Katja Schwemmers

*The contribution of “Wilhelm wove: The “daily show”Star and the rape scandal” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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