saw was An eight-member squad of the volunteer firefighters from Tonndorf to use just on the way back to the station, 2.30 PM at Barmbeker market an injured and heavily bleeding Person (20) on the roadside. Around 50 people fought according to Martin Schneider, spokesman for the Hamburg fire service, a mass brawl. “Therefore, the colleagues in your fire fighting vehicle, remained of the group in an aggressive mood.”

Participants of the brawl afflicted immediately the car, shook the doors, threw firecrackers, and set fire to rockets, bepöbelten seats remaining forces. “They tried to drag you from the vehicle,” Schneider. The group leader, had tried to appease the crowd to convince, by radio a distress call, alerted the police. The roared with a large contingent to Barmbek-Süd. Blue light and Martin horn announced the Arrival of the officials. As the end were there, had dissolved the brawling mass already in place, in all directions. A, the alleged perpetrator, who is said to have rammed the 20-year-old victim of a knife in the shoulder, should be running in the hookah-Bar “High Class”.

With machine guns at the ready searched by the police forces of the Load. “We have no one to take,” said a spokeswoman, “we have only heard the witnesses.”

But no one, including the victims themselves, the came to a clinic, declined to comment on the incident.

The rescuers-a Team of Tonndorf, in the remained at the incident unharmed, have responded correctly, so Schneider. “De-escalation training the forces to assess the problem properly. The theme of escalation will continue to be an integral part of training.“ A growing Problem due to more frequent attacks on forces it not, the fire brigade of Hamburg was.

Daniel Dahlke, country head of the German firefighters ‘ Union, sees it differently. Attacks on rescuers, whether physically or verbally – after MOPO-information in the past year, more than 70 – were “no longer a rarity,” says Dahlke. He calls that all Firefighters be trained in the appropriate courses, even in self-defense. “So far, only the fire Department, students are prepared during their training to such situations. Older colleagues,“ says Dahlke offers this possibility. This is a “total absurdity”.

another Problem: colleagues, the attacks are not reported due to lack of time, or out of shame. “70 registered cases is much that is unreported but is substantially higher. It is imperative that we stand together and stick together. And each incident view.“

This article was written by Daniel Gözübüyük

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