A bit of nostalgia is in the case of Harald Wanger already, when he speaks about the end of the “Medicus”of the season in Hameln. “We are very grateful and touched,” says the managing Director of the Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH (HMT). What would have delivered the Ensemble and the Spotlight Team, to the joy of playing and professionalism was overwhelming. The balance sheet: 19.300 viewers and a utilization rate of 94 percent. “It’s not,” said Wanger was in this Form.

In the previous Musicals in Hameln, the utilisation was to the HMT information between 80 and 88 percent. The Musical “Pope Joan” saw in September 2013, for example, just over 10,000 spectators, which corresponded to a utilization of about 88 percent. However, the theatre had more seats. And with 17 performances, there were 13 Shows, less than in the case of “The physician” now. A concrete comparison is also difficult because the performances took place for the first time from mid-December until the beginning of January – so over the Christmas holidays and new year. This has proven successful, according to Wanger. City Manager Dennis Andres and theatre Director Wolfgang Haendeler had seen the period around Christmas and new year in advance as a driving force.

Satisfied with the “Medicus”-time in Hameln also producer Peter Scholz of Spotlight Musicals: The enthusiasm of the spectators was unusually large. “Eventim.de the Hameln staging reached only a maximum of reviews, what makes us proud,” says Scholz. The feedback on the Evaluation forms support the positive Feedback-Almost all of the best notes of the musical visitors to forgive. “Our Team has felt in Hameln and the theatre has again shown that it is very well suited for large productions,” explains Scholz.

30 professional performers and eleven cast children stood during the playing time on the Hameln theatre stage. They presented the staging of the world’s bestselling author, Noah Gordon, whose son Michael was among other celebrities such as patron Prof. Madjid Samii and Scorpions frontman Klaus meine to the Premiere. In the story, the Englishman Rob Cole, wants to grow up in the London of the early middle ages and the mysteries of medicine to learn. In the Western world, this Knowledge is not available and so he embarks on a dangerous journey to Persia, to study with Ibn Sina, the greatest physician of his time. Because this remains as a Christian, however, failed, he, as a Jew, risking his life.

“it’s A very fascinating piece,” says HMT-chief Wanger. The musical site in Hameln is now to be further developed. The next season is already fixed: From 13. to 31. December 2019, “The Pope” for the third Time to Hameln.

This article was written by Moritz muzhik

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