“I’m often alone, but never lonely. My time is structured, which I need for my Hobbies like Crocheting or crossword puzzles.“

Also of Hameln honorary mayor Gerhard Paschwitz convinced of their handmade arts, after he Hameln the congratulations of the city and of the lower Saxony Minister President Stephan Weil to the 105. Birthday delivered.

Thea Bandowski was born in, at Hildesheim, and in 1937 she married in Coppenbrügge. Her husband got a 1947 labor in Hameln, therefore, the move was inevitable to Hameln. Her husband died in 1990, after they were married for 53 years. Also their daughter, who moved to England, is deceased.

Once a week the Elderly woman by her son, Klaus, in the Old market road to the “meeting place for the second half of life” (ARA). There is then mostly played cards. “Skip-Bo is to me to have become undemanding, we try now in Phase 10,” says Thea Bandowski. “Otherwise I have to go every 14 days to the hairdresser, this must be. I don’t eat meat and am eating healthy. But there is no special recipe to grow older. Just the Bad wipe out and positive to life,“ the 105-Year-old.

Thea Bandowski is one of the few Hameln interior, which are older than 100 years. According to the city of Hameln, only 17 people in the city who are 100 years or older are currently living.

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