it was Christmas and, as is often still quite warm. At 10 degrees the temperature was, drizzle. But then the Thermometer falls. And up to 30 degrees. For the new year, the Chaos is there. And as if this was not enough, in February, once again: snow, snow, snow.

On the 14. February 1979 – writes the Dewezet that the people in the North of Germany, removed the nose from the snow, first rain, then ice, snow, storms, and metre high drifts in the Weser mountain country for Chaos. In the North of Germany 17 people are killed in this unusually harsh Winter. In the case of a head-on collision on the icy state road 83 in the vicinity of Grohnde three people, including a four-year-old child to die on this day.

Hamelin cases, After the re-snow-parts-Pyrmont’s cut off from the world. The snow in Bisperode of several meters and the labor is high. The course blew, the streets must be cleared with wheel loaders and milling machines. Master Baker August Oerke holds the picture of his his sale of the car next to the snowdrift for posterity..

The Bus from Hameln and Bodenwerder gets late in the afternoon Order, at the bus stop “On the Küthe” to wait for the snow plow. Late in the evening, the Post remains, then bus stuck in the snow – this time, shortly before Bisperode. Of the 45 passengers, 39 on foot and fight your way through the high snow. Six passengers, who want to Harderode, Bremke and Bodenwerder, have to spend the night together with the driver in the Bus. Two snowed in motorists looking for later in the bus shelter from the snow storm.

The Sünteltal problem child number one is at the time. Tree-high snow drifts to ensure that the men come from the depot to rest.

At the same time, the snow chaos triggers a wave of helpfulness: Barbara Oerke, which operates with at the time, with her husband August in Bisperode, a bakery, help the Snowed. Supported by a saleswoman cook, business woman, coffee and tea, filling pitchers, drinks in thermo-and for the passengers.

The snow chaos had also financial consequences: By Eilverfügung extra money had to be made loose, because the 70 000 Mark, which were estimated in the budget for the winter service, were already exhausted in the middle of January.

80000, DM had to be at the time, shot the course of scho. “An occasion such Eilverfügung of the upper town Director, with the approval of the mayor I’ve seen in my more than 18-year-old duties again,” said then-mayor Dr. Walter Dieter Kock.

With the Winter of 1978/79, the memories came up: the Hamelin citizens had experienced such extreme Weather – it was the Winter of 1962/63. And a picture from the archive of the Dewezet shows that it was also in 1929, icy: Posing in front of the frozen Weser Weir was possible without any problems.

This article was written by Dorothee Balzereit

*The contribution of “snow chaos, 40 years ago,” comes from Dewezet. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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