Ayrton Senna is the great model of formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, but, nevertheless, the British also respected the achievements of Michael Schumacher. The German took in his career, seven titles and won 91 Grands Prix. Hamilton won in the year 2018 his fifth title and is in the current Era of the driver, the one to beat. Although the Mercedes driver has already broken some records, he does not want to compare with Schumacher.

“I always say this again: I don’t think,” says Hamilton, compared with ‘Bild am Sonntag’. “I just feel that I need to try to break his records. This is not my drive.” Schumacher would always remain “the Greatest of all time”, no matter how many races Hamilton will win. Schumacher has been in front of Hamilton at Mercedes. Although the German has celebrated major successes, his work is the cornerstone for today’s success of the brand, so the Briton.

Schumacher had Hamilton only “great memories”. One of them is that he had selected the seven-time world champion on the console, always as a driver, when he played formula 1 games. “And as for the formula-1, it is the day he has won in Suzuka in 2000, his first world title with Ferrari,” added Hamilton. “This is racing history.”

A very special Moment was the Finale of the formula 1 2012 season in Abu Dhabi. At the time, Schumacher has denied his last race, and then his helmet on the nail hanged. But this helmet has for Hamilton a very special meaning. He explained: “it was my last Grand Prix with McLaren. We have exchanged our helmets. This is always a sign of mutual respect.”

at the beginning of his career, it was to realize Hamilton is not only difficult to drive with Schumacher on a course. The current formula 1 world champion says: “I remember the first Time we were together on the track. It was in 2006, during a test, I was not a regular driver, and for me it was simply unreal to be suddenly, with him on the track. I have not tried to overtake him, I just drove behind him, because I was directly in front of it as Michael Schumacher in my computer game.”

This article was written by Andre Wiegold

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