Yun-fat wool to donate his entire fortune of about 632 million euros after his death for charitable purposes. The have said of the actor, the South Korean radio and television company “Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation”. “This money is nothing, the man has for ever,” he said. “If you’re not one day, you will have to leave it to others, so you can use it.”

Yun-fat said that his wife supported his decision. The actor has been married for more than 30 years with the Singapurerin Jasmine Tan. In Interviews, they reported again and again of how economical your man live. He’ll go with the public transportation, eat cheaply at street stalls and I bought a new phone, as his old Nokia flip phone had given up the Ghost.

His wedding cost him $ 15

The wedding of Yun-fat and Tan have cost US $ 15, for the registration of the marriage. First, as your family have shown themselves to be dissatisfied, I decided a year later for a formal Banquet.

In media reports and also on Yun-fat, he had been spotted, he for a movie ticket propriety for one of his own movies. The “Guardian” writes, just because of the actors in Hong Kong was very popular: The Wealthy were usually her wealth like to flaunt. Yun-fat boy with his modest life-style.

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