the Heidi Klum Is pregnant? Joop back rows, and speaks of desire thoughts

03:27 PM: fashion designer Wolfgang Joop acknowledges to have it with the truth about a possible pregnancy of Heidi Klum, not to be exact. “The statement that Heidi was pregnant, was not meant seriously, but probably more of a wishful thinking from me,” the 74-Year-old to the Swiss “Blick”. He saw Tom and Bill Kaulitz just last weekend in Berlin, and Tom has confirmed no pregnancy. Klum is recently engaged with the Tokio-Hotel-guitarist Tom Kaulitz.

Earlier, the fashion-maker In the RTL Interview, had responded to the question of whether Klum was pregnant: “I think Yes. Yes. I told Tom so.”

Edwin Lemberg, the man Joops said to be “Colorful”, that Tom Kaulitz was on the show by Markus Lanz to the question of whether Heidi Klum was pregnant, an answer that left open both ways. Because a clear denial looks different. From this, Mr Joop has taken, however, that Tom had told in the Public that Heidi was pregnant, but that is based on a misunderstanding.

imprisoned Rapper 21 Savage comes out on bail

03.04 PM: due to an alleged violation of U.S. immigration law, arrested Rapper 21 Savage free on bail. The lawyers of the 26-Year-old announced on Tuesday. “He has won his freedom.” The Rapper is expected to be released therefore on Wednesday from custody.

The musician was on 3. February in Atlanta, officials of the U.S. immigration service have been arrested. While it was generally accepted, 21 Savage’m from Atlanta, he is in fact British. The authorities accuse him of, since the expiry of his visa in the year 2006 in the United States illegally to stop.

The case did not only in the music industry quite a stir. More than 460,000 people signed a Petition for the release of the rapper is required. Among his supporters, the Rapper Kendrick Lamar, music producer Jay-Z and the democratic members of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The 26-Year-old, who has three children, deals in his texts with drugs, racism and police violence. His second Album, “I Am > I was” launched in December at the top of the Top 200 and stayed two weeks at number one.

21 Savage was nominated this year with the Song “rock star”, he has recorded as a guest musician with the Rapper Post Malone, for two Grammys. At the Gala in Los Angeles on Sunday Post-Malone performed the Song alone.

Richard Gere with 69 years of age became a father

Wednesday, 13. February, 01.50 PM: with Hollywood Star Richard Gere has become 69 years father. His spokesman confirmed the birth of his child on Tuesday. He called but neither the name nor the place of birth or the exact date of birth of the baby.

Geres wife Alejandra had made the pregnancy in September on Instagram publicly. On the photo was to see how the Dalai Lama puts his Hand on her belly. Gere, considered a friend of the spiritual leader of the Tibetans and the Buddhism teaches, is at your side. Gere is from the movie “Pretty Woman” and had married the Spanish business woman and activist Alejandra Silva in the spring of 2018.

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