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The Comrades shy a little. As Joy Pamela Rendi-Wagner is called out in your first international appearance on the stage, in front of the Bureau of European socialists, the new SPÖ Leader, as a Doctor, and only then as a politician. To unknown still the face of the political newcomer, who moved a month ago as the first woman in 130 years to the top of the Austrian social Democrats, and not even two years a member of the party. The New talks because, first of all, on health policy, the need for more Europe, because diseases know no borders.

across the border is a different phenomenon, the need to worry the Doctor, but the politician Rendi-Wagner: the decline of European social democracy, are now only six States, the head of government. In most of the other it is in Opposition. So also in Austria, where the SPÖ in the polls, is still at about 25 percent. For the European elections in the spring of 2019, the prospects are bleak: The EPP will be according to surveys, again the strongest force, while the number of social democratic members in Europe could fall to Parliament from 187 to 150.

your political role model? Working mothers

The questions that the once so self-conscious social-Democrats in Europe, are similar. The of the traditional workers ‘ parties Disappointed by the new Right back? It needs a left-wing populism à la Jeremy Corbyn in the UK? Or the red the future is located in the famous political center?

Rendi-Wagner does not respond to such questions prefer that it go to the left or right, but forward. Your political role model? “Any woman who can pull numbers in your everyday life between children, Job, and Rent.” The first book that has moved you politically? “The fiery red Friederike” by Christine Nöstlinger. It’s about a girl with fire red hair, all teased, because it is different than all the others.

Rendi-Wagner does not want to be in the political drawer. Who is watching you, sees the SPÖ with her on the way to a progressive, green-tinged and feminist Mittelstand party. As a traditional fighter, the Physician, with an international scientific career would not have gone through anyway. With your chosen way of expression, and the feminine taste in fashion, she looks more like a French University Professor. The stable smell, house, ox tour of foreign words for you.

“right-populist” debate makes you aware of

However, the 47-Year-old relies on classic social-democratic themes. And again and again on women. You want to be “for the cook, the under the 12-hour law is suffering”, for “the Single parents who can no longer work in upper Austria, full-day, because of the kindergartens cost more or close”. Very slimming, the Austrians don’t like her social-political commitment – even if the tabloid headline once delighted “Yes, we Pam” and some called it a political natural. to differentiate

intellectually, not hard enough, the criticism is, after the first few weeks, in and outside the party. In fact, Rendi-Wagner operates factual opposition policy. When the government presented such a concept for the financing of care for the elderly, she countered with a thought-out red against the model. As a prison-like Asylum accommodation for minors at the border to the Czech Republic headlines-in-law, however. Motto: just not on what concerns the right-wing populists. Housing, health, social Affairs, education, the “DNA of social democracy,” she says. “This is where our expertise lies.”

It takes a lot of Serenity of Austria’s government is not in the periodically staged “right-wing populist” security debates pushing. Even more difficult is to convey the impression to deny the problems of an immigrant society. Can this work?

Classic rise Saga

Rendi-Wagner, not that it made the Greens into the Parliament and, therefore, approximately four percent of the voters homeless. In addition, the right-wing conservative government under Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) is dominated by strong men and hard issues such as security, Migration and Integration. In the Cabinet, the protagonists were male, and were male policy, says the second national Council President Doris Bures (SPÖ). The red and green electorate is female. The SPÖ is hoping for a “Gender effect”. It is no coincidence that the Rendi-Wagner appeals to the dashing Chancellor publicly with “Sebastian”. So, as a would blame my mother, her swaggering son.

That the SPÖ get their voters from the Right back, has she written off under the new party boss, obviously. Instead, the party relies on the Opening up of the social democracy in the direction of Green and critical citizenship.

Rendi-Wagner’s biography, seems to be carefully staged by your Team, such as: Because of their Greek origin, a single mother, is brought out, which made her a child in the Vienna public housing raised, and by the way, training as a kindergarten teacher. “I was the first and the last child in Kindergarten,” recalls Rendi-Wagner. “My mother, I have never seen other than working.” The father, a Hippie, owes you her first name, Joy, and contact with feminist literature. What followed is a social climb story, a blueprint for the great promise of the social-democracy.

you studied medicine and graduated as a Master in Public Health at the University of London. Since she was already with her future husband, Michael Rendi, a diplomat from a well-respected Jewish family. As he was in 2008, Ambassador to Israel, she accepted a guest lectureship in Tel Aviv and learned Hebrew. In Israel, the second daughter was born, after the birth of the first she had received his habilitation.

in 2011, she took over the Department of Public health in the Ministry of health in Vienna. Quickly the epidemic and Impfexpertin noticed: as a telegenic, confident, competent. Ex-SPÖ boss Christian Kern was aware of them. He made it to the health Minister and number two in the election campaign. As the core cast in the fall after two years in the towel, he suggested the newcomer as his successor.

To self-consciousness there is no lack of your

Europe’s social Democrats of Austria Can learn? “For us, it shows that the FPÖ for the ÖVP the stirrup-holder of the social removal. The it,“ said Rendi-Wagner. “Not show that the right-wing parties once they are in government responsibility to people and their life situations, but of Power and influence. And that you are ready to throw all the promises and massive cuts to support.“

So far the diagnosis. Whether Dr. “Pam” sits on the right medicine and if it lasts longer than your patron and predecessor core? “Yes, I will,” she says. “Because I’m not him.” Self-confidence is not lacking to her, anyway.

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