The German animal protection Association advises Ms. Chen or Mr. Chen, Bang-free areas. Because animals are particularly sensitive to noise. The sudden, unfamiliar noise in the new year’s eve night – and often in the hours before – puts you in fear and terror. It can lead to hearing damage. Non-rare Pets land in this time with fire and eye injury in the veterinary emergency services.

1. Retreat for your pet

  • Windows, doors and, if possible, also the blinds in the apartment to create should be closed in the new year’s eve, so the noise and the flashes of light are attenuated.
  • holder of small animals and birds should bring pens and aviaries in a quiet room and with some distance from the window and cover it with a cloth.
  • outdoor enclosure should be shielded, and against fireworks to be guaranteed

2. Pay attention to premature firecracker

pet owners should execute a few days before new year’s eve, dogs in populated areas, only on a leash, because premature firecracker might leave you are the source of terror run. Accidents, caused by the disturbed animal, are often the result.

3. How to help your pet

in four-legged anxiety on the stomach can beat or over-reaction to trigger. Consistent refusal of Food, diarrhea, severe Tremor, or incessant Whining are common signs.

Who has observed this “new year’s eve neurosis” in his dog, you should introduce him to a few days before the new year, a veterinarian. This can tablets of a sedative or drops to prescribe to mitigate the consequences of such anxiety. Often it helps but when a familiar man on new year’s eve with the animal remains.

4. You think the fireworks in Wild and farm Animals

Not only for Pets, also for wild animals in the forest and on farms is that the noise is in the new year’s eve a stress factor. In the case of horses on the pasture, such as the risk that you will panic and break out. Therefore, the German animal protection Association advises, on the edge of the forest, to waive, in forest glades or parks in the vicinity of stations, and also at fireworks.

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