“Creepy”, “creepy”, “Voodoo?”. Such reactions causes a cute little doll, at the foot irritating in a Mini way, depends on sponge. The celebrity parents have to be quite a few hints to your offspring is to be only guessed at what the drip well. For proper mounting on the teapot is not out of the question. At the end of the most unnecessary of all the way comes weird better than the good old Commodore 64. I can’t understand the youth.

“Boris Becker, is he still alive?”

In “Comeback or way?”, decide celebrity children, whether everyday objects have earned from the Childhood of your parents to make a Comeback. Films from the strange old days garnish the Guessing. And the reason students fail at the iconic slogans of yesterday. “Because you helped,” piped 20 years ago, Verona field Busch, and campaigned in order for the phone information. (Small reminder:11880 the phone number was from a landline.)

“it’s not a normal sentence”, mosern Kids. “I’m already in there or what?” Boris Becker mumbled 1999 effective advertising access to the Internet. “Boris Is A Hacker?”, ask the Little ones of today. “We don’t know. Still alive?“. You can also begin with the beautiful word “airhead” nothing more, you have to take them then, but evil. FOCUS Online

Amazing stories about the rescheduled Christmas

The celebs with their Kids can also after Christmas again pack and unpack. In the packages forgotten items to hide for a long time. To the heated Papilotten actress Anne Sophie Briest and again that they are differences East and West German also in the hairstyles. There, tightly coiffed, beyond-the-wall shaggy hairstyles. “It was said, had no money for the hairdresser, because they suffer under capitalism.”

Pac-Man, the ravenous yellow disc for the Game Boy, Ex-football player Pierre Littbarski in memories swarming. “We had a player that Schlippi that has sat for a hour on the toilet and played. We had to help down. To him had fallen asleep, the legs.“ Before Pac-Man made them self-trained legs limp.

The Generation gap

children, as time goes by, you think, of course, constantly in the show. But, especially, when the Commodore 64 comes to the table with Datasette and Joystick. “You were the coolest Person ever if you did”, gaggles actress Anne-Sophie Briest. “Pure Childhood”, sighs singer Oli P.

And the young? Find fault with. “You will need longer to Build than to play at all“, criticized YouTuberin Faye Montana,15. “What is that for a game in which you have to read it”, complains Diego Pooth, 15. The cult of the computer, find, way can. The drip and the curlers, however, they will keep for Comeback-worthy. I can’t understand the youth.

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