“once told Me someone, love should not hurt. You can’t sit home at night and cry. And I often cried. Today, I’m just happy. That’s exactly what I enjoy most now and think it’s beautiful,“ she said in an Interview with the magazine “Bunte”.

With men, the 47-Year-old has had according to his own statements so far, little luck. You have long dreamed to have a strong Partner who protects you, at your side. “But it was not. Instead, I flew back to the muzzle, rose again, and on the same mesh.“

In the life of Ilka Bessin has been “often and at all levels” used. This is true financially, business-wise and privately. “Especially in my industry you have to be careful. Many friendships are broken. I admire people who can maintain long friendship. I have never been able to.“

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Ex-“Cindy from Marzahn” explains her weight yo – yo eating will not be the Problem


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