Among the experts it is regarded as the best diet method in the world: the Mediterranean diet. On the plate, plenty of fresh vegetables, salad, nuts, fish and olive oil land. Do without, you should, however, too much red meat and fatty dairy products. The diet method that not only helps with weight loss, but can prevent diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. With a few simple tips on the Mediterranean diet concept makes it easy to integrate into everyday life:

1. Use instead of salt fresh herbs.

salt is one of the most important minerals at all. However, a high salt diet, high blood pressure and cardiovascular can promote disorders. Especially, the finished products often contain too much salt. In order to prevent that the food tastes boring, grab them while cooking to healthy Alternatives: Refine dishes with intense flavors of herbs, such as Basil, parsley, cilantro, or garlic. Also onions and garlic to give it that extra taste and are also healthy. PDF Healthy eating and losing weight And PDF guide shows you how you can lose weight and still be satisfied with the yo – yo effect. Plus list of Doctors and self-test.To the PDF guide

2. Imagine a bowl of nuts within easy reach.

When the cravings come, the temptation is great to grab a bar of chocolate and break it with good intentions. Provide you instead of sweets or other unhealthy Snacks prefer a Serving of nuts. The healthy fat suppliers saturate and decrease at the same time due to the high fiber content and proteins, the risk for Obesity. In addition, nuts are valuable sources of Magnesium.

3. You can buy poultry instead of red meat.

As the main source of Protein used in the Mediterranean diet, fish and poultry, as well as a maximum of three to four eggs per week. Meat lovers must not miss anything, should replace the pork Steak, but more often by tender chicken meat. Red meat should not end up in the Mediterranean diet more often than two Times per week on the plate.

  • Learn here what the fish can eat places, you still without hesitation.

4. You can replace your milk with a low-fat variant.

Also, milk is allowed to remain in your fridge. But the next time you shopping for the variant with only one percent fat. Which is healthier and has less calories. Who drinks consistently low-fat milk, get used to the wässrigeren taste.

5. You cheat fruits and vegetables on your plate.

That fruits and vegetables are healthy, you know, of course. Nevertheless, it is difficult for them to come to the recommended daily intake of five portions? You don’t force yourself to eat every day an Apple or a carrot. Instead, add each main meal with an extra serving of fruit or vegetables. To prepare your scrambled eggs, for example, with spinach, or garnish the Greek yogurt with a few pieces of Apple. For fish, there are roasted vegetables and dinner, a wholemeal bread with tomato and cucumber slices.

6. Take the time diet can be found in any supermarket – namely, time. No matter whether in your lunch break or after work, take plenty of time when eating and enjoy every bite. So you avoid stomach pain and digestive problems. According to a study by the University of Athens from the year 2010, the eating speed can also affect the weight of the people considerably.

  • Morning: you can read during Breakfast, the first mail? Not a good idea. Put aside the Smartphone for a few minutes and focus on your food. The messages you can check later.
  • Lunch: Who may file in the office only a short lunch break, should have its meals at home, pre-cooking. So save yourself the trip to the Snack bar, in the canteen or to the next supermarket and to win more time for the food.
  • Evening: you Lean back at the end of the day with a glass of red wine and enjoy your dinner. As a typical Mediterranean food, a good red wine, you may also in the context of the Mediterranean diet and a glass of sipping.

In FOCUS Online/Wochit long-term study proves: With the Mediterranean diet lower your risk of breast cancer by 40 per cent ysw/aba Mediterranean diet diet fish losing weight


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