the Seehofer with a draft for easier deportations

Thursday, 13. February, 05.41 PM: Federal Ministry of the interior according to a media report, the comprehensive law to draw up stricter requirements to foreign offenders easier to send it back and deportations consistently enforce. This is evident from the draft of the Second act to improve the enforcement of the obligation to leave the country, such as the “Passauer reports New press,” citing in this document. It says: “Only if it is ensured that enforceably obliged to leave Germany to leave our country in fact, Germany has the resources to support those people in need of protection.”

Therefore to be able to individuals are reported who have been convicted of benefit fraud or violations of the narcotics act. The prerequisites for detention from the time of departure, subject to be reduced according to the newspaper: immigrants, the hampering of the preparation of the obligation to leave the country and their identity is not disclosed, it should be taken in Advanced preparation in prison; the previous exit to custody to be legally converted into a “travel restriction in the domestic”, so that a court order is necessary.

according to The report, the draft bill contains because of the lack of detention spaces is also a scheme, with the help of the principle of Separation of immigration detainees and criminal prisoners would be exposed to, so that Deportation can also be used in prisons housed.

Germany is required according to the study, almost 150,000 immigrants from third countries per year

Tuesday, 12. February, 5.00 p.m.: Germany needs to balance its demand for Skilled staff, according to a study, up to the year 2060 per year, the immigration of at least 260,000 people. Of them would be expected to migrate around 146,000 people a year from countries outside of the European Union after Germany, revealed on Tuesday by the Bertelsmann Foundation in Gütersloh, Germany, research published. There is an urgent need to control immigration to Germany, demanding the authors of the Study.

the study was Authored by the Institute for labour market and occupational research and the Coburg University of applied Sciences. The authors of the Study came to the result that only with an immigration of 260,000 people in the year of the demography-induced decline in the supply of Labour to an economic level that is acceptable is to limit.

In the case of the calculation of this number also the potential of living in Germany working forces had been expecting. The researchers in the calculated scenarios, the birth rate rises, more women work and in Germany there is a pension age of 70 is introduced.

From other EU member States the authors of the Study expect, on average, an influx of 114,000 people per year. The EU could not compensate for the German labour needs. Also in the case of the European neighbours of the demographic change make themselves felt. In addition, the incentives for Migration were to take in perspective the fact that the member States adapting economically.

Consequently, there is a need of immigration of at least 146.000 people from third countries is apparent. The Executive Board of the Bertelsmann Foundation Jörg Dräger, pointed out that, according to the Central register of Foreigners in 2017 came without trains, only some 38,000 skilled workers to Germany. Dräger called: “The immigration law should be quickly passed.”

he welcomed the fact that the law addressed also to people with a medium level of qualifications – here the highest demand. However, a law is not sufficient. Without a sustained culture of welcome and attractive integration of services will not be compensated for the shortage of skilled workers.

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