Saturday, 29.December 2018, 12: 45 p.m.: The number of people allowed to visit Michael Schumacher after his accident, is severely restricted. One of them is Jean Todt, who was able to win with him in the team Ferrari five titles. Compared to the “Bild”newspaper he explained that Schumacher engine noise of his old race cars will be played, in order to speed up his recovery. With a view on Schumacher’s birthday on the 3rd January he said to the Fans: “We all need him, now, just, just wish for the Best. So we show him that we love him and for him. This is the most Important. This will make him happy.”

Friday, 28. December 2018, 09.46 PM: Corinna Schumacher has the pictures from the skiing accident of her husband. The “image”newspaper reported on Friday.

To recap: Michael Schumacher was skiing in the French mountain Saulire a helmet. It properly with a GoPro camera mounted. They recorded the fall. This was so hard that the helmet broke.

the Video had the investigators an important clue for the reconstruction of the accident. As the procedure was set, was returned to the family Schumacher, the camera and the recordings.

Schumacher suffered at that time, a skull-brain Trauma

The seven-time Champion, of the 3. January will be 50 years old, is located since September 2014 in his Swiss home in Gland on lake Geneva. There, Schumacher continues to recover from the Public, shielded from his fall.

He suffered at the time, a heavy skull-brain Trauma, had to be emergency surgery. His condition remains “extremely serious”, it was the day after the accident and a further Operation in the evening. He had widespread violations in the brain. “We are worried about his condition,” said his time with the doctor.

The family announces no more information on the father of a daughter and a son and refers to the privacy of the Schumacher once was-even his family is so important.

five years after his tragic skiing accident, Michael Schumacher is still suffering from the consequences. However, Fans and family of the racer do not give up the hope of recovery.

Video shows: Over these rocks, Michael Schumacher

FOCUS Online Video crashed shows: Over these rocks, Michael Schumacher

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