FOCUS Online : Herr Sigl, the mountain doctor is in the 12. Season. They have become over the years, actually, to the hypochondriac?

Hans Sigl: Why should I be a hypochondriac? No, not at all. I find it exciting with so many, to be a very rare diagnosis known made and think it is good that we have the opportunity to be able to this in Public often, neglected diseases, offer a platform.

FOCUS Online : How’d the shoot for the opening sequence in freezing temperatures?

Hans Sigl: Well, it was cold. We had snow and do not know where you could place a warm stay mobile. As it is, then in the Morning, the right clothes under the costume, drag, and during the day if possible to stay in motion.

FOCUS Online : you always emphasize that the “mountain doctor,” will probably never find a woman. There is really no hope? The spectator does not wish for sure a Happy ending…

Hans Sigl: I emphasize, it is not so. The figure seems to be so created. The Alternative would be, Martin Gruber with a Maxi Cosi in practice, and this is not the character, conceived by the authors. The loneliness is part of Martin Gruber and the search for happiness as well. This is a great projection surface. dpa/Ursula Düren, The “mountain doctor”-Team: Heiko Ruprecht (l-r), Ronja Forcher, Monika Baumgartner, and Hans Sigl. the FOCUS Online : What do you mean, why are the viewers of the series hold for so long now Loyal to?

Hans Sigl: I think that we offer the audience a certain amount of continuity. On the Basics, you can rely on: The family, the grandiose scenery, the funny moments with Martin’s friend Alexander Kahnweiler, and always emotional, dramatic case histories. In addition, we have the great fortune to be since the age of 12 in the regular cast unchanged. The authenticity and familiarity. It is also a matter of Confidence and empathy, which are, as such, in our society, a topic.

FOCUS Online : the direction In which the series has developed since the beginning – what is very different today than it was then?

Hans Sigl: a Lot! The relationship between Martin Gruber, and Alexander Kahnweiler has changed, for example, completely. In the first season, they were antagonists, yet, could not stand each other and have fought minor power struggles. Quickly we noticed, however, that Mark Keller and I understand us so well that we wanted to make the two dear friends. This is well-managed. Reuters/Stefanie Leo, Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl, r) and Dr. Alexander Kahnweiler (Mark Keller) in a scene from the ZDF-series “The mountain doctor”. Also important is the development of Martin in his dealings with the patients was us. He is very empathetic and engaged, but over the years, he has also become more direct, faced his patients with the facts, without embellishing it. I think that is a good deal, because only those who know what is really up to, can join in the common struggle for healing. On the technical side, there are the most significant changes. When we started, we turned also movie material! 16 mm Film. With film Today, everything is digital and now there is “The mountain doctor” already in the second year as a 4k HDR picture rolls, etc.

FOCUS Online did it ever occur to the doctor’s coat hanging on a nail?

Hans Sigl: no. The work our Team is doing to me in front of and behind the camera as in front of a lot of fun.

FOCUS Online Hypothetically: How would you want the series go?

Hans Sigl: Perhaps it would be good if Martin goes the way he came? He rises to the station from the Taxi, takes the next train and disappears back to New York.

FOCUS Online : Martin Gruber goes more often into risky situations. What are you afraid of?

Hans Sigl: fear is always, as they say, is a bad counselor. In front of sticky situations, I have respect, and this triggers a special mindfulness. The head is then safe to free, as if the fear to be blocked and gives you the opportunity to be able to hazards, better balance, and to remain capable of action.

The biggest “mountain doctor”-cliché the cliché of it all

FOCUS Online is The largest “mountain doctor”cliché is quite clear…?

Hans Sigl: The cliché that the series is a bit of a cliché. We crooners-TV. That we show only in an ideal world. All of this claim, however, usually only those who have never seen an episode. And I think that’s also a challenge to the audience of your learned and wrong opinion to get out and pick up.

FOCUS Online : your house recipe against the bad cold?

Hans Sigl: calmness and patience. If it is, you can do nothing to relieve unless symptoms somewhat. Tea, sleep, fresh air.

“I think it is important, in the mouth

FOCUS Online : you are one of the few TV colleagues, the politically clarification. open” Why is this important to you?

Hans Sigl: I think it is important to open your mouth, if of the right-hand side loudly to the people is talking about. Unfortunately, there are too many fellow citizens, the faith which they perceive is the strongest. If the sensible majority who listen to Unreasonable only silently, on the inside with the head shakes, and thinks it nothing will happen, it is not enough in my opinion. That’s why I’m then, if I deem it necessary.

FOCUS Online : on their Facebook page, you comment honestly on controversial issues, what I don’t like all of them. Had to be one or the other Shitstorm endure?

Hans Sigl: no, it’s a Shitstorm there has never been, but of course you have to adjust to the fact that it is against the wind, when it is expressed politically, in any Form. There are always people who are of a different opinion and also Express it to others. A discussion is wanted.

FOCUS Online Even if so much is complaining about the policy – what is, in your opinion, just right good?

Hans Sigl: I think it is a very positive development that the next Generation of manifests and points of view refers to. The youth is again politically, and I feel that the so-called policy of triple slimming class-consciousness, the Generation that matters, and. Both ecologically from party politics.

The ZDF shows “The mountain doctor”-winter special on 3. January, at 20.15 clock. Consequences of the new season will be starting in the 10. January every Thursday at 20.15 clock shown.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit ZDF apologizes for Shirt print of the cameraman


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