He was hit in July 2017 with a group of seven or eight Autonomous to the summit of the dangers and have blocked convoys, and carry away, reported the news magazine on Friday, referring to testimony and internal documents.

Twice, the V had been taken-man temporarily in custody, his identity had not been detected by the police. Then he reported to the protection of the Constitution of the inserts.

the protection of the Constitution is silent,

The protection of the Constitution did not comment on the report on Friday. The V-man has been at the G20-summit in Hamburg, had already become after his unmasking known to the resignation of lower Saxony protection of the Constitution boss Maren Brandenburger.

Organizational shortcomings were that the man was unmasked. The protection of the Constitution had been submitted to the information of a left-wing activist’s request for information to an administrative court. Including pages that need to be sorted out by Hand would have. The lawyer of the activist, received an insight into the sensitive passages, which allowed to draw conclusions on the Snitch.

in Order to prevent further mishaps of this kind, the protection of the Constitution, according to dpa-information currently, the corresponding work processes. This includes service instructions, process descriptions, and rules for the training of new employees.

In the Weather Channel Red alert: the DWD is warning of heavy snow til/dpa


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