there is A regular exchange with the supervisor is known to be of any good working relationship. The date is firmly integrated in the processes of many companies, however, it is rarely the greatest of anticipation among the workers. The possible criticism of others is met in the first place with respect. The Knowledge that in a conversation just a few minutes could have on the future of the company, let the knee of some employee tremble.

However, the opposite may be the case. A Feedback session is for the workers a good opportunity to present himself as a Hero and to consider the supervisor as a Mentor of one’s own professional journey. In addition, not only the staff is looking forward to his Feedback. The supervisor also hopes to experience for himself and his company, which he has in his employees, to the software to make improvements. How can you prepare yourself to this exciting appointment, and the Manager of the own Strengths in the truest sense of the word “tell”? About the author

Nora Feist, together with Miriam Rupp, CEO of Mashup Communications (, a Berlin-based Agency for PR and Brand Storytelling.

Surprising and unconventional: stories from the everyday work life

The Prime example of Storytelling in all areas: Steve Jobs! In many of his famous lectures, he showed how you can create with simple words, attention, sympathy, and curiosity. His most famous Intro: “I want to tell you three stories from my life. No big deal. Just three stories.“ attracts people even today, in the spell of the exceptional geniuses.

With this surprising and unconventional way of storytelling, but it can also make an employee in its Feedback from the small hurdles that accompany the daily work environment, an exciting Story. The representation of the own Person in the Form of a well-told story increases the voltage at the supervisor, and creates trust.

In may, the aim of the narrative on diverse topics. A Situation for the employees or the Team as a whole is very significant, in which a certain trait or strength of the worker came especially for Carrying or even newly discovered. In all candor, it must be borne in mind when stories of this kind, never in long justifications to drift away, or even other colleagues in a negative.

If the heroes tell: The different views of the own Position in the company

In the case of a Feedback conversation, the feeling that you can’t open it To the right managers easily often. This professional distance between employees and employers, and it can be difficult to talk openly about the needs and feelings of both parties. Stories from the everyday work give here more than the facts and Figures to the final profit contribution.

a Feedback will be directed conversation in this direction, hide workers, often behind the no-frills bullets last working steps, and classic treatises. Storytelling, as a method of unconventional presentation, can contribute in such a Situation. To be able to be less nervous and be prepared for a conversation to go, should put employees in the run-up in the role of the hero and ask questions, such as:

  • Where I am just on my journey in the company?
  • What role I take in different work situations?
  • What direction I want to take on my trip?
  • What is my next goal and what support I need to achieve it?
  • What makes me a hero/ Mentor in the circle of colleagues?
  • What makes every working day a little adventure?
  • What situations are the barriers, which make me particularly fun?

pictorial reflection instead of the conventional Reflection

the issues of the delimitation of the well-known Considerations, such as: “Am I good or bad?”, and, in part, to new insights gained will succeed. The change of perspective and the in-depth examination of the topic lead to questions and answers merge in a conversation to a exciting story. In the best case, a dynamic that the two conversation participants, gives courage and honesty.

the employee in advance of thinking about what motivates him the most, you can assess the HR Manager in the future, what rewards can accompany him on his journey support or what challenges he may best be entrusted. With this image help is it easier to work on, what goals can be achieved in the future. It is this unconventional questions and tried to reply with an image, all parties Involved benefit.

conclusion: don’t be Shy in front of the common travel

The key to a good conversation, thanks to the Storytelling better? Empathy. A Feedback conversation should ultimately serve both parties to achieve common goals. When doing so, employees should keep in mind that it is only the great success stories of interest to the supervisor.

Packed in The small, everyday hurdles, in stories, the value of a company to the same extent. In this case, it is not clear that the uncertainties and Fears that are communicated, an employee automatically to a loose candidate. Exactly these stories make him human and show that he reflects on himself, and openly, to criticize, to accept challenges and to improve processes. In place of structured Questionnaires should be mutual respect and empathy. Small stories from everyday work will generate for the carriers of important information, attention, sympathy, and curiosity.


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