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The North consists of smoothing the risk, in the South rolls a snow-roller

Friday, 06.38 PM: drivers in Berlin and Brandenburg need to be on a Friday morning, some on smooth roads. From the Fläming to the Lausitz, it will be up to the lunch cold and snow. It can also lead to freezing drizzle. In the afternoon it’s going to rain then amplified. The temperatures are between two and six degrees. The Wind blows to weak from the West.

On the weekend, is expected in the regions of the Alps and in the southern highlands is a lot of snow. Due to the announced heavy snowfall for the weekend traffic chaos threatens railway passengers in the state. “As of Friday evening disturbances in the train traffic due to the winter in Bavaria is possible,” warned Deutsche Bahn in advance to View at the train stations for example in Munich. Paul Zinken/dpa

“Please inform yourself in advance.” Online, the company announced a whole range of potentially affected routes and promised: “We will inform you constantly.” Passengers should be at the beginning, therefore, before the trip about your connection to about the App DB Navigator, or in the case of the paid telephone travel information at 0180 6996633 inquire whether their trains.

According to information from the German weather service’s weather falls on the weekend in the Congestion of the Alps about half a metre of snow in the adjacent foothills of the Alps and in higher elevations, forecasters expect about 20 to 40 centimeters of new snow.

“the rule of right, the Snow will certainly lead to disabilities in the road and rail traffic,” said DWD meteorologist. Also, the higher altitudes of the black forest, the Alb and the Bavarian forest are present, according to Leyser to Sunday are covered in deep snow. In the South and East, it can lead to a light Frost between 0 and -3 degrees, otherwise low values between 4 and 0 degrees are expected.

In the Video, weather Chaos in Germany: From storm warning up to 20 centimetres of snow Weather Channel storm surge warning and 20 inches of snow lau/dpa Thunderstorm rain heavy rain storm, traffic accident, weather temperatures


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