Both of the Accused are strongly suspected at the beginning of the Syrian revolution in crimes against humanity. The 56-year-old Syrian nationals, Anwar R. was involved between the end of April 2011 and at the beginning of September 2012 as senior members of the Syrian General intelligence service to torture and physical abuse, as the attorney General said. The 42-year-old Eyad A. is to have the concrete suspicion of aiding and abetting in the killing of two people. In addition, he should be in the torture of at least 2,000 people have been involved.

Brutal torture against government critics

the Victims are, according to the warrant for the arrest of the government critics. The office of the attorney General maintains that the Assad Regime press since April 2011, the opposition passed with a “brute force”. A Central role is played, therefore, the Syrian secret services. As head of the investigative Department certain and commanded Anwar R. the processes in the prison, and also the use of systematic and brutal torture. The unit had been engaged in the Eyad A., have helped in the implementation of the torture – in the summer he was to be for a month at a checkpoint in Damascus stationed.

In France, was taken, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s office also on Tuesday, an employee of the secret service Department of the accused by the Prosecutor’s office in Paris. The arrests were coordinated, therefore, in a joint investigation group to each other. The two in Germany, arrested Suspects were in custody.


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