The downhill race in Kitzbühel, “the Streif” has for our skiverrückten neighbors from Austria about the importance of the Champions League Finals.

According to passionate the presenters of the Austrian station, with the go, when the next “Hero” is born on the Streif.

“And here comes Thomas dressen of Germany,”

Who have never had the pleasure to enjoy a race with ORF-Duo, Armin Assinger and Oliver Polzer, which had recommended the at this point highly enough – it is a Show.

As Thomas Dreßen on 20. January 2018 to the start house, is it from my TV in wide Austrian accent, “And here Thomas Dreßen comes from Germany, the third of Beaver Creek – this is not a children’s swing”.

53 hundredths of projection

8 seconds later, Dreßen flies with 113 km/h, 38 yards over the first jump. Completely crazy. AFP/ Thomas Dreßen At all surprised in Kitzbühel

between the time of 5 the votes of the colleagues from the ORF to be louder. “53(!) , 53(!!), Feuz and our podium-Buam are popping up” , sounds upset. Are meant 53 hundredths ahead of the Leading Swiss Beat Feuz.

In the ORF-parlour glow all the Fuses

as of this Moment is clear, Dreßen can win the most prestigious ski race in the world, actually in the heart-stopping finale.

between the time of 5 it goes from the mountain knew about the Traverse to the finish. The time, against the Dreßen: 1:56:35.

“52, 53, warning, Dreßen, it aaauuuuus goes-Dreeeßen!!”. Shouting, more and more. In the ORF-Stüberl all Fuses glow, as Dreßen with a new best time across the finish line and to victory grid. Goosebumps!

Thanks to Armin Assinger, Oliver Polzer and Thomas Dreßen for my sports moment of the year 2018.

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