can Easy to change by helicopter to the Breakfast fly-in, in Wolfratshausen with coffee and cakes to talk in a relaxed, and – as soon as you have cleared the Chancellor candidacy. The CDU thought it was-Chairman Angela Merkel, as you offered in January 2002 at the legendary Breakfast your CSU colleagues Edmund Stoiber, the top candidate of the Union. The CDU-front woman was not at the time (yet), as they long had hoped, even Chancellor candidate. But she was, after all, the candidate for Chancellor-maker. Merkel has averted his time in a risky Last-Minute action is a highly dangerous dispute in the Union. Two winners on a string. So it can go.

It can also go this way: In January of 2018, the CDU and the CSU, a fierce discussion of a candidacy, which is present regularly at least until the Bundestag election campaign in the late summer of 2021. You can do it. You can do – when you tear each other apart for months, and, politically, wants to weaken. FOCUS Online Margarete van Ackerens Berlin week

signs of life with an Absent

The CSU parliamentary deputies had agreed yesterday at their retreat behind the thick walls of the monastery of Seeon, explicitly, that you don’t want to hang out this time in the CDU-staff debates. In particular, in the discussion on the future role of Friedrich Merz. Country group leader Alexander Dobrindt. The Prime Minister, Markus Söder, the from 19. January is also intended to lead the party. And the incumbent party Chairman, Federal interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, was there, too. A: the Chairman of the parliamentary group, Thomas Kreuzer. The was simple times from the far Munich is a political sign of life. There is for the Chancellor candidacy is no “automatism” for the benefit of the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, he said the “Bild”-newspaper. Was decided as yet nothing.

And almost at the same time – said the Chairman of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU), that it was “absolutely clear” that Kramp-Karrenbauer “first access”. Further, he said the news magazine “Focus”: “Who will apply from the CDU in fact, for the Chancellery, but depends on Momentum, if the candidacy is pending.” dpa Alexander Dobrindt (l), leader of the CSU land group chief, rings in addition to Markus Söder (CSU), Minister President of Bavaria, a little bell for the opening of the Winter conference of the CSU land group in the Bundestag in the monastery of Seeon

of course, the debate to shake up the

availability: conflicts, quarrels, and a new large Union theatre in sight? Yes and no.

This question leads into the heart of the more complicated spheres of political communication. The gentlemen have said only things that are considered to be highly accurate. First of all, The Chairman of the largest Union party has – of course – the first right of access to the Chancellor candidacy. This is particularly the case if the CSU-tip itself has no interest. Markus Söder, has for its part a convenient.

Secondly: There is of course no automatism. Should Kramp-Karrenbauer, for example, in the next few months in political scandals entangle or the CDU in polls or elections dramatically crash – for both of which there are currently no evidence – then, of course, the real question to be talking about. In this respect, so the matter is by no means clear.

Thirdly: That the CSU, with suggestions for the Chancellor candidacy, is completely undisputed. She is an independent party. So far, So obvious. Clearly a case for the category “political truisms”.

Only The explicit mention of the obvious current in each of the cases as a signal.

Hidden “Agenda Merz”

The debate to the Chancellor candidacy, empty space is just not in the air. And if now, specifically, it is reported that “ACC” is set, then you can capture the time as a kind of precautionary Veto. At least as a Title. There is an “Agenda Merz”, there are still a couple of players in the Union want to keep after the narrow defeat of Merz in the candidacy as a party leader of your favorites in the game (and the discussion).

President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, for example, the sibyllin is expressed in weeks, pretty, Japanese, or EU-Commissioner Günther Oettinger. Or the unknown of baden-württemberg’s CDU Deputy Axel Fischer, the calls for a members decision of the CDU.

The strategists of the CDU and the CSU have now so the choice is yours. Either you rush with all the force in a debate on the possible candidate for Chancellor of the interior and candidate for Chancellor, or try the restart. With variant A, you can create a locker the next 24 months. Then, however, the audience of the political work of a CDU, the set up with your new wife, and a CSU, which wants to correct, and by a Large coalition, which wants to be perceived because of their decisions for the everyday life of the citizens is heard, hardly anything. Variant B is opened, however, the Union, after all, the Chance to the way out of the political mood deep: property, plant, and work focus.

Silence? Also Untrained!

Even Untrained get it in these days already quite good with the variant B. Horst Seehofer, for example. Ironically, Seehofer, one might say. The is not generally a prude when it comes to public expressions of opinion; comments on “Merz or AKK” but he verkneift persistently. Beyond and on this side of the headlights. And Alexander Dobrindt, a self-confessed friend of hard announcements, even shows that you can meet in many words, his vow of silence. His comments on the candidacy of the Union sound so: “You know, that there are temporal processes that are observed from my point of view,” he says. However, it should be “without a doubt, that a party Chairman of the CDU in any case it is time to come out of the question for a future chancellorship”. The CSU does not want to start currently in the staff discussion.

The Christian social pursue a project with the highest priority is reconciliation with the sister party. Finger hakeleien to the Chancellor candidacy could end the project before it is started correctly. Morning in Seeon the photos to the resolution of the CSU. Group pictures with the lady.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit First survey in 2019: Three parties start with momentum into the new year


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