After the new year begins for any Fan of the best time in the NFL. As of Saturday, it is as far as The Wildcard begins Round – you get all four games will be served and the guaranteed right treat (at 22:20 on ProSieben MAXX, ProSieben and in the Livestream on

Colts at Texans: Two reinforced Quarterbacks

Indianapolis is after years of abstinence back in the Playoffs, a Franchise Quarterback Andrew Luck after a long injury again the Old. In the case of the Colts, you have finally all the blocks to play successful Football. The running game is working and helps to keep Andrew Luck Drives alive.

Running Back Marion Mack has broken through in twelve Play close to the magic 1000-Yards limit. Rookie Linebacker Darius Leonard is in terms of Tackles, the best player in the League. His eye for the game is one of the factors, which is why the Colts for a long time points can prevent.

By Leonard’s performances, he has made his claims to the title of “Defensive Rookie of the Year” in the past 17 weeks. The defense has made the season difficult for any opponent, it is guaranteed, also against the Texans do.

Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson comes back – how to be compared To Luck – also impressive from an injury. With his Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins, the is in the Form of his life and with 115 Catches is not a Ball dropped, Watson is an ACE in the Sleeve, this will require the Coaches of the Colts defense a lot. Houston’s Pass-Rusher Duo of Watt and Clowney is able to give any Quarterback in the League a difficult working day.

The mobility and speed of Watson for the Indianapolis-Defensive to be a real test. For the Colts, however, speaks: The direct duel of the Regular Season, they have won against the Texans. Thus, it is guaranteed to be exciting.

Eagles at Bears: From the stone age, football has the “Monsters of the Midway”

Super-Bowl-Champion Philadelphia in the Playoffs, reached at the very last second. Thanks to the help of the Bears protect they beat the Vikings, but also thanks to Nick Foles.

The replacement Quarterback and MVP of past Super Bowls has brought back the Team’s sake and bite. The Eagles played the last few weeks of the Football with the foot in the oil Pan. The last game of the regular season against the Redskins showed what the Eagles are capable of.

The Bears surfing on a wave of success. “Worst to First” so the last place in the Division to first place within a period of 365 days is a performance that shows what has built the new Head Coach Matt Nagy in Chicago, and what the future will bring. The years were under Coach John Fox, under the Motto of “stone age football”, now blowing a new Wind blowing through the “Windy City”.

in The last round they had against the Vikings no pressure, as they had in the Playoffs, played but, nevertheless, up to the last Minute, with 100 percent of the time. Foles with the Eagles against the “Monsters of the Midway” 2.0. I am very eager to see how the quick, multi-faceted Defense of the Bears hits in the Playoffs, and especially, as the young Quarterback of the Bears in his first “Do or die”game will deliver.

Chargers at Ravens: Ravens Defense makes Rivers ‘ life a living hell

For the second Time within three weeks, the Teams compete against each other. The game before Christmas, won Baltimore’s surprisingly clear with 22:10, Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers got off to a Raven black day. The Blitz-Heavy Defense, the Ravens made his life a living hell. This is going to go the Chargers also guarantees next weekend.

courage can make all the Chargers the last game of the Ravens. Cleveland’s Quarterback Baker Mayfield has shown how you can put the Defensive-Goliath beats and how to make him Stumble.

the Chargers coach must not only avoid their mistakes from the first game against Baltimore. If this works, this is one of the closest games of the Wildcard Round.

Seahawks at Cowboys: A slugfest like in 2007

The first Playoff meeting between the Teams since more than a decade. What was at the time, for a great game with the young Tony Romo at the Cowboys, and Matt Hasselbeck as Quarterback of the Seahawks! Clearly, for every Cowboys Fan, the thought of the last minutes of the game, as you sprinkle salt in an open wound. A similar Match on a knife-edge waiting for us even now.

Both Teams have met already this season. Seattle won 24:13 in Dallas and has guaranteed learned a lot from this game, because keep probably the most effective Running Back in the NFL “only” 121 Yards and forcing one Fumble that was a key to victory for the Seahawks in week four.

The Offense of the Texans and has not received since then, only Amari Cooper as a weapon. At the end of the season, a player on trumped yet, so probably no one has expected: Tight End Blake Jarwin. Last week, he delivered against the Giants. Three Touchdowns, for 119 Yards and seven Catches.

With the combination of Running Back Ezekiel Elliott and the pass game important Wide Receiver Cooper Quarterback Dak Prescott has everything a playmaker needs to be able to the solid Seahawks defense Bobby Wagner beat.

If it succeeds? Not when it comes to Russell Wilson. The plays a season for the record books, and will do everything to be able to winner the stadium in Dallas leave. As I said, I think it will be like at that time! A slugfest at eye level, where the individual errors of the rash.

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