of The more than 1200-page draft of the plan-approval decision will be sent in the evening to the two project promoter femern A/S in Copenhagen and the state company for road construction and transport of Schleswig-Holstein (LBV.SH) in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, the transport Secretary, Thilo Rohls on Friday. The decision should be subject to the signature of a final editorial quality control. “So that we can go safely on number, because in the light of only a few weeks ago court judgments to the A 20 motorway in Schleswig-Holstein as well as for the financing of the tunnel with the final text adjustments to the decision have been made,” said Rohlfs. The project promoters have now two weeks time to review the decision for possible editorial errors or omissions. Against the tunnel project with an investment volume of over seven billion euros, the assessment procedure had been raised according to the figures in the plan on the German side, a total of 12 600 objections, on the Danish side 42.

the planning approval decision and planning documents are to be designed in March 2019 for two weeks open to the public. Then, potential claimants have one month to complain to the Federal administrative court. Rohlfs said that as proceedings had already been announced, be sure that the construction of the tunnel will not begin before 2020.

The nature conservation organisation Nabu announced on Friday that the decision not to accept. The Nabu calls on Online Petition to write to the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) this stops the project. The Fehmarnbelt Business Council welcomed, however, the submission of the draft.



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