“Tick, Tick” – much more is not heard. Only steps, the rustling determined by the drought-Deciduous. Silently the reconstructed walls of the heunisch castle follow all the action at your feet – a man who runs again and again in tight lines.

Who will be taught, expected in the case of archaeological analysis, only the Knocking of Hammers and the Scraping of a spade, the former bulwark, close to Gehülz Better. More than this perpetual Ticking of the technique, the archaeologist Philip Schinkel carries on a harness on the forest floor.

magnetic measurements of


“We are Measuring squares over the whole area,” he the preparations, with a lot of volunteer support since December. Now, Schinkel is out with his Team, the so-called Grids. Ten times ten meters tall are you and approximately two acres surrounding the masonry is distributed. Three weeks ago, said the scientists, is expected to take up this work, the so-called Magnetometer prospection or short the magnetic ballast. Has started you on Wednesday.

This prospection of the Team of archaeologists and helpers, about a Meter deep under the earth look without a little digging. During the measurement, steady ticking device that used Schinkel, this, deviations in the magnetic field of the earth. Later, a card is from the mosaic of the Measured squares of the “under world” ring around the heunisch castle (circa 800 BC). This should more accurately than previously determined, where walls, buildings or roads found. To the extent it is, but it will take some time. Because in addition to the evaluation of the measurement results of Desk-work in the aftermath is also still abundant on the archaeologists.

On the tracks of history

While Schinkel for the first runs, keep track of, among other things, the Museologist of the city of Kronach, Alexander Sweet, and Ralf fruit from the land office for the preservation of the Start of the magnetic measurements. “We want to make the heunisch castle better way”, says Sweet the sense of the project. In the previous, decades-old knowledge about the historical site are to be thrown not on Board. They should, rather, be a Basis for what is happening now.

“We want to go into more Detail, the complex target-group-oriented, and also better for children and young people develop,” said Sweet, among other things, a planned Revision of the directions. The results of the investigations. however, also in exhibitions and scientific treatises reflect



So it comes down to it, is for the initiators of the investigations is important that the state office for monument care other way. So far, it has promoted the measure to 50 percent. Also, the city and the top Frank Foundation, brought with. Especially fruit highlights, however, the great commitment of the volunteers. “Not only Kronacher show interest,” says Schinkel further helpers from the Coburg district. And Sweet complements that of the home care Association Gehülz/ “Seelach” /brick earth a supporting role.

Then it continues. Schinkel, shouldering his instrument and makes his way in the forest. Finally, it must be hundreds of cars ticking, because all are already looking forward to his results. The clock is ticking.

*The contribution of “high-tech is to provide new insights to the heunisch castle” comes from inFranken.de. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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