the new exhibition of The Central German puppet theatre Museum in Bad Liebenwerda receives significant funding support by the cultural Foundation of the Länder. The Foundation had already funded the purchase of the international puppet theatre collection of Karin and Uwe brockmueller, was the impetus for the redesign of the Museum. “We are delighted that the cultural Foundation is helping us, the largest project of the Museum Association Elbe-Elster, in the year 2019 with the quality”, says Christian Heinrich Jaschinski, chief administrator of the district Elbe-Elster.

the promotion, preservation and mediation of cultural heritage in Germany and the acquisition of important works of art and cultural goods is for 30 years, the focus of the work of the cultural Foundation of the Länder, which began in 1988 in Berlin to present their work. In the last second of Kafka’s letters to his favorite sister Ottla in front of the fragmentation in all the world save, year-long restitution negotiations with princely families, to coordinate, to all the exhibition spaces of museums to maintain or wide financing coalitions, forging, in order to secure the legendary American diaries of Alexander von Humboldt to the Public: the work of The cultural Foundation of the countries is compulsory and freestyle at the same time. As a so-called shopping community in the country for large art purchases, founded, dedicated to the Foundation of many other tasks in your cosmos of preservation, protection and mediation of the cultural heritage. German museums, libraries and archives were able to purchase to date, more than 1,000 works of art, collections, archives, manuscripts, and other precious cultural heritage, with the support of the cultural Foundation of the Länder. In 2016, the cultural Foundation of the countries supported with the purchase of the collection Brock Miller is the backup of a national importance, and at the same time, the largest private collection on the puppet theatre history

for the puppet theatre, the Museum of Bad Liebenwerda, and is now involved again, in order to allow an adequate presentation of the collection. The project is also supported by the East German savings Bank Foundation and the savings Bank Foundation “the future of the Elbe-Elster-Land”, as well as the Ministry for science, research and culture of land Brandenburg.

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