The old year is just a few hours old – this evening, many of the East Hesse are back to usher in the new year of 2019 with a great fireworks display. But the Plan of a colourful new year’s eve fireworks could go wrong, because the prospects for a clear sky. Fog could leave the new year’s rockets in the sky disappear.

records over a records, there was in this particular weather year 2018. The final is on new year’s eve, however, probably relatively unspectacular. Because of the new year’s eve Monday is marked by a cloudy and foggy weather. It is mostly cloudy, the sun on Monday. Precipitation is reported, it should remain dry, with a weak Wind blows. But the cloudy weather is supposed to go until Midnight so on, so that the Rakekten in the sky will probably be hard to see. “Through the fireworks of the beginning of the year 2019 is likely to be even bleaker,” says hr-meteorologist Tim Staeger to Hesse. (ld)

*The contribution of the “Bleak prospects for the evening: No fireworks-weather on new year’s eve?” comes from Osthessen News. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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