Many self-employed people and employees with a company car give away every year. Because the requirements of a travel book are high, and the circumstance that lead to it meticulously is large, tax many your used for business purposes vehicle according to the 1-percent-method. That is, you have to pay tax on a percentage of the gross list price per month as additional income. Because today a well-equipped vehicle in the compact class does not exceed very quickly with a few meaningful Extras, the 30,000 Euro threshold, fast 4000 Euro in a year. To 0.03% of gross list price per distance kilometre for journeys between home and place of work come in on a monthly basis.

the self-employed give away a lot of money

rebates, trade in the car for the day to day business, be taken into account such as modesty: Who’s car, a demonstration vehicle, year or even an older, but well-equipped Pre is satisfied, you will be asked about the fee from the Treasury to the Fund. Because here, too, the official original price. In the worst case, for private use, taxes the actual vehicle exceed the costs.

Our attempt to lead a travel book with a pen in the car, we gave up because of the proven fussiness relatively quickly. Alternatively, a paid App was used, but that required a lot of complicated input, and in the case of the Transfer to the computer for a number of data errors is provided. Better to go with factory solutions. A few years ago BMW was enriched with the 20 years ago founded, now for all the model available Online series-service-Connected Drive to an Online travel book. Using the SIM card that is integrated due to the automatic emergency call is already in the vehicles and communicates via a Cloud via a web browser with the user’s computer. There, together run, provided that he has booked the fee-based Online service, in any case, all vehicle data such as mileage, range, error messages and maintenance schedules automatically. Those who book Online travel book to each journey in accordance with the tax regulations of his or her vehicle is transmitted, if the location services are enabled.

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Already in the car, the driver of his own name, or user and when you start your journey, simply select. By clicking with the iDrive, you can also specify in the Pop-Up menu, whether it is a business trip, for private use, or travel between home and work. If you like, you can also enter his preferred targets in the vehicle and for convenient retrieval in the event of repeated automatically save.

ConnectedDrive service remembers trips

Still more convenient than fumbling in the vehicle, the later input on a PC or Mac via the web browser is of course – where, for legal reasons, all Changes in a tamper-proof documented. There, the ConnectedDrive service remembers also frequent targets, and reasons for the Trip, which makes the completion of the information from the pull-down menus is child’s play. After the Confirm of the individual or trips, and combined trips, no corrections are possible, but for an Overview you can save as many custom reports as PDF, in order to give the quick Overview of the ratio of private to operational use. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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Who can be a vehicle mainly for business, very legal, and very convenient to the IRS beat. In addition, the Online travel offers book in conjunction with the Connected Drive Account, and can be used for several associated with BMW, the perfect Tool for fleet management in small businesses. After all, you need as mentioned above, in addition to the current vehicle location at the same time always the maintenance of each vehicle in the view. Free-of-charge of the Service, however, is not. BMW is € 249 for 12 months or 399 Euro for 24 months the tax advantage of a certain “solidarity surcharge” to pay.

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The same approach, only in a larger size, also keeps track of Mercedes-Benz. Under the Label of Connect Business, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer offers a modular solution that aims primarily to larger fleets. For the self-employed, it is relatively expensive, but in the area of fine vehicles in predominantly operational use under circumstances still more favorable than the 1-percent-control and similar convenient. While the Digital Driver is the cost’s Log monthly 14.95 Euro per vehicle, but it is a one-time activation fee of 99 euros plus one from each of the vehicle independent of the annual fee of 649 euros. In the case of fleet customers, the annual basic fee will be reduced from the fifth vehicle to 149 Euro, which-for enterprises with many companies a very good price car is given for money.

myAudi App offers a free solution

A free solution, the Ingolstadt-based rival in its myAudi App. In this Software for the Smartphone entrepreneurs can run manually a travel book, which, however, cannot give out the from the tax office accepted statements. But you can use it as a basis for a, at home all alone-managed, compliant travel book. Although this makes for more work than the offerings of BMW and Daimler, but it also costs nothing except a little time.

Fans of the sports cars from Zuffenhausen will be happy to if you have booked the vehicle on-Board drive book Service in the past. The systems of existing customers will be supported by Porsche, so to speak, as a gesture of goodwill to continue even with software updates. But if you want to use only a digital travel book in his Swabian sports car, you must look for third-party solutions such as Vimcar. The require in addition to the Software installation, additional Hardware, and are not integrated so seamlessly into the networked vehicle as the own solutions of the Premium car maker.



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