Hamilton, can. mathematically already in the next season of 18 Grand Prix-to authorize the record of 91 Wins and in the next two years, the seven titles of Schumacher, no matter He does not think, but stressed Hamilton: “I just feel that I need to try to break his records.” And even if he would make it, Schumacher the Greatest of all time would be “”. The record of Pole positions to Hamilton with 83 already, Schumacher is in the category of Second with 68.

Hamilton had replaced Schumacher after his final retirement following the 2012 season as a driver at the German factory team Mercedes. The influence of the record Champions was “very clear”, said Hamilton. “He was together with people like Ross and Norbert, as the Foundation was laid for the success we may enjoy today,” said Hamilton, with a view to the former team boss Ross Brawn and ex-Mercedes Motorsport boss Norbert Haug.

Hamilton speaks, in the Interview, among other things, also on the first encounter with Schumacher since his serious skiing accident on 29. To see more December 2013, the public was, in a formula 1 car, as he was in 2006, test. “I was not a regular driver, and for me it was simply unreal to be suddenly, with him on the track,” he said. I have not tried to overtake him, I just drove behind him, because I was directly in front of it as Michael Schumacher in my computer game.“



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