For entertainment, and makes for good ratings are certainly also other Stars. The reigning jungle Queen Evelyn Burdecki had already conquered brings in “I’m a celebrity me out of here” the hearts of the audience by storm. With their dopey way she is always up for a funny line. And also the former professional Handball Pascal “Pommes” Henz is known to take no sheet before the mouth.

Screenshot of the RTL Evelyn Burdecki want to do an internship on Wall Street.

One that knows how to do it, is Nazan Eckes – it has hosted the first two seasons of the show and returns to the parquet. Oh Yes, and the mandatory Soap actor (see Iris Mareike Steen and Bela Klentze) not be missing, of course: Ulrike Frank from “Good times, bad times” (GZSZ), and Jan Hartmann, earlier GZSZ, in the meantime, “storm of love”, holding up that Flag.

return to old times?

However, the current season offers just the variety that has been missing for the last two “Let’s Dance”-seasons. And with the new versatility of the previous ratings of an average of 17, might be 18 percent. From these Figures, the transmitter could dream of last only – also responsible for the celebrities.

Tina Ruland, Iris Mareike Steen, Bela Klentze, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Julia Dietze – these five actors have swung 2018 in the case of “Let’s Dance” on the dance floor and did their part to the Negative rates of the shipment. Five actors, three moderators, and a handful of C – to D-list celebrities that are from other industries are more or less known, were last year.


The monotonous celebrity Cast made entirely clear for boredom while TV viewers and low ratings. All the Shows of the past season, over 3.6 million people watched, on average. The average power rate was just 13.8 percent. Only the Final Show was a 15.4 percent jump over the 15% threshold.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Which Star wins this year, the “Let’s Dance”-trophy?

in 2017, signed a similar picture – only not quite so extreme. At the time, dropped to 3.96 million viewers tuned in on average (15.1 percent). The views of the celebrity dancers, 2017, makes it clear that variety. Two years ago, the actor is not dominated, the same five musicians were among the 14 candidates.

Seems that RTL would have learned from his mistakes. The colorful mixture among the celebrity dancers is definitely a step in the right direction.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex “jungle camp”-fees: to the Stars collect glb


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