“it is Quite clear, Michael is a seven-time world champion, he was an absolute leader at Mercedes during his time with the Team,” says Hamilton of Schumacher to the “image”-newspaper.

Together with the likes of Ross Brawn, the former Mercedes team boss Norbert Haug, the former Mercedes head of Motorsport, he was part of a team, which have laid the Foundation “for the success that we enjoy today may not Years,” the 33 -.

Hamilton: “it was difficult to realize have been”

The Briton won with Mercedes so far, four world championship titles in the years 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. In 2013, he followed in the footsteps of Michael Schumacher in a formula 1 Cockpit and, therefore, his great Idol. Its beautiful two memories of the seven-time formula 1 world champion: At a young age, he Schumacher was selected as the driver to the console. In addition, the day will stay unforgettable, as Schumacher in Suzuka in 2000, his first world title with Ferrari and won the “racing history” has written.

As he stood then in 2006, during a test as a young driver with his big brother together on the line, he did not try to overtake Schumacher. “I’m just driving behind him, because I was directly in front of it as Michael Schumacher in my computer game on the go,” Hamilton said. It was difficult to realize.

Schumacher still has loyal fan base

Schumacher suffered in a skiing accident five years ago, a life-threatening head injuries. Only after days, it is clear that “Schumi” will survive the accident, but there are still months, until he wakes up from the coma. What the consequence of worn damage to Schumacher from his heavy fall with the head on a rock, keeps his family until today. According to the estimates of renowned neurologist of his body would be only to basic life functions such as breathing, circulation and digestion.

Schumacher leads a reclusive life on the shores of lake Geneva. A loyal following of Ex-racers, the 3 has. January 50 years old, but still.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex, The chronology since the Ski accident in the year 2013, ak/with AFP


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