As, the organization, Abdullah’s mother with shaima Swileh jeminitische citizen, but lives in Egypt. Because of the more stringent Visa regulations for some of the Muslim countries, they have long had difficulties to be allowed to enter the United States. Her husband, Ali, Hassan and Abdullah son are U.S. citizens.

The father had brought the small child in the hope in a clinic in California, the Doctors there could stop the progress of the disease. But, apparently, in vain: As it is called, is Abdullah Hassan died on Saturday in hospital. His mother did at 18. December may travel after an application for a temporary injunction in the United States. You have received an exceptional visa for close relatives of U.S. citizens. A photo provided by the NGO, the boy on the lap of his mother. On Saturday, the funeral should take place.

the organization, there is also criticism. The United Arab Emirates have set the “Council” several years ago on a list of alleged terrorist organizations, because they are of the NGO contacts with the Muslim brotherhood. The Organisation itself rejects such allegations. Numerous civil-rights organization like the “American Civil Liberties Union” (ACLU) defended the NGO in the past years.

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