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Of the sect in the United States kidnapped and taken to Mexico to be deported: Two children rescued

08.36 PM: , The Mexican police have freed two in the US of a sect abducted children from their kidnappers. The 12-year-old Boy and the 14-year-old girl had been discovered in a Hotel in the state of México in the center of the country, informed the Mexican security Ministry on Thursday. The kidnappers were arrested.

the Suspects to be members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish group Lev Tahor. The cult will always be accused again forced marriage and child abuse. The members do not use modern technology and the women of the community wear floor-length black robes.

The two Minors were on 8. December in Woodridge in the U.S. state of New York, kidnapped, and then to Mexico has been brought. Apparently, the sect members wanted to take you back to Guatemala where Lev Tahor has settled. In the United States four Suspects have been detained, are said to have been involved in the abduction.

the Victims are according to media reports, the children of the sister of sect leader. The woman had broken away from the group and was pulled in the United States.

Lucas Barrón starts as the first person with Down syndrome in the Dakar rally

07.11 PM: , The Dakar rally will have this year for the first Time, a participant with Down’s syndrome: When the legendary off-road race on the 6th January in Peru starts, the 25-year-old Lucas Barrón as a Co-Pilot of his father Jacques. He should monitor the condition of the Piste as well as any mechanical problems to report. “Our goal is to arrive,” said Lucas Barrón to the AFP news Agency. AFP Lucas Barrón, together with his father in the Dakar rally

for the First time, all ten stages of the rally-Marathon will take place this year only in one country. The Lima-born Lucas Barrón finds the “awesome”: “This is easy, because we know the Route,” he says. For months, he’s preparing for the challenge.

In the busy rally through Peru’s desert helps him that he is enthusiastic about sports. There is hardly a sport, the Hip-Hop Fan does not operate with a will of iron – whether it’s Swimming, football, Surfing, water skiing or Cycling.

His father, Jacques, had no problems, his son, for the rally to enroll. Lucas had already the approval of the international automobile Federation, be healthy and drive belts, Oil level could control and tire pressure is perfect, said the 55-year-old technician, who has already participated five Times in the Dakar rally.

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