it was Unclear, first of all, anyone who has typed the numbers the luck and the fourth-largest single winner of the British lottery history climbs up. May the will but not public, because the person wishes to remain anonymous.

Euromillions-winners were not 2012 anonymous

there are quite good reasons, showed in 2012, as a couple from Scotland won the biggest lottery jackpot in the United Kingdom, and 161 million pounds cashed in.

Colin and Chris Weir were the winner’s check at the time, in front of all Public in the television cameras – and were promptly the receipt for it. On the weekend, after winning the two had to move out of your apartment, to protect yourself from begging free riders.

In the case of a conference, the identity was revealed

it has But ultimately, the new lottery winner of such stories probably do not hold. On Friday exuded Frances and Patrick Connolly from Northern Ireland in the cameras. In her hands she had a check for 115 million pounds.

this press conference, the identity of the Euromillions winners has come so now to the Public. The British newspaper “the Mirror”.

Couple wants a reported million-profit

share The Connolly’s betrayed also, what do you want to do with the money: you have already created a list of 50 persons should have at their earnings, the two of them.

“I’m looking forward to their faces to watch,” said the 52-Year-old to a report by the British news Agency PA said. Celebrated you have the gain, together with her 54-year-old man with a Cup of tea and a hug.

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