“does money really make you happy?” This is the crucial question. Therefore, two families for a satellite exchange.1 house and Budget. The family of Alex Jolig, 55. Him Big Brother was made known in the year 2000″”. He is now a partner in a Marketing Agency. Mrs. Britt, 51, earned their money in the real estate business. Joligs’ll be in Bonn in a 250-square-meter Villa with a Spa tub, and a walk-in closet. Financial Worries do not have to make the Couple and their adopted daughter, Tatiana, 13, and. “I have everything here, a great phone, a great room,” says the girl. “I’m afraid that the toilets are not in those clean.”

“Joligs get

back” – meaning there are port-a-potties, a 30 miles away at Iris Smart in Cologne, Germany. After a failed trip to the independence, the 41-Year-old, Lenny, 7, and Lauren, 14, is dependent on financial help from the state. It has debts of € 130,000. “I am looking forward to a relaxing week,” she says in anticipation of the luxury of the Joligs. “In the morning with a hot coffee to Wake up.” In the Villa you will not come out, then Amazed. “The world perishes,” she muses. Many of the dresses! “If I were slim, would be exactly what I like!”. The beautiful bedroom! “In our soft beds, the Joligs get back.” FOCUS Online

“The supermarket was overwhelming,”

Klugs week plan provides for a short holiday in Majorca, hair cut, eyelashes Shopping before extend and extensive. The new Budget makes it possible. “This is the land of milk and honey,” says mom, Iris, and son Lenny is amazed: “I’ve never seen so much money.” 4100 Euro you this week. Socks, Make-Up, The Forest Is Mostly Juice. The Klugs buy to the Fullest and spent with 513 Euro, more than 450 euros, the Iris has Wisely inserted. It must be cancelled. “Today, we have purchased just about everything we wanted to. No pig looked how expensive that is.“ Daughter Laureen: “In the supermarket, it was overwhelming.”

“quite a change”

The Joligs have to make do with the mini-stock market of 169 euros. Much of it is new to you. Alex says. “We take the public transport to be unusual.” “We exchanged bottles, is a conversion.” “The fact that there is no meat in the quantity that I’m used to, is hard.” At home, there is minced meat sticks with Sauerkraut and fish, an evening for the Greeks, Snacks, and the new backpack to be running on Ebay. As the Trio picks up the black bag, pushes Britt box accidentally on the name plate on the letter. Apparently she’s not used to the bell system of multi-family homes.

Malle, with six baths and a Pool

The Klugs for 230 Euro a hair cut, and the lashes extend. The stylist comes out for 250 euros with a tip to the house. You can Shop for 700 Euro and Lenny gets a mountain bike. 473,95 Euro. Lenny is the unsung Hero of the Evening. Touchingly, he says: “I have waited a long time for the bike. We do not have so much money. We have some money. But we had to buy clothes.“. His mom explains: “It was cool to say we want this, and then we buy it.” To Malle the Klugs live in a 2.8 million-Euro property with a swimming Pool, six bedrooms, six bathrooms. Lenny says: “mom has changed. The happy a lot more.“ Which brings us to the beginning: “does money bring happiness?”

“I could live like that”

“The luxury in the Joligs was very nice,” says the single Iris Wise, “but we are pleased, however, to our four walls.” Tatjana explains Jolig: “We were all very happy in spite of less money. I could live like that.“ “Now, I know that I can rely on my family when it comes to us,” says Alex Jolig. At the end of the Big-Brother-man has a Vision: “We will reduce in the future. Because what you are purchasing, required. We want to now each other more time.“ Tip: What you don’t want the family Jolig, you could easily give the Klugs.

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