“A new relapse before the world Cup would have been able to finish the whole thing, perhaps,” said the captain of FC Bayern Munich, the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” (new year’s edition). In the year 2018 have been for him, “Yes but everything is a bit on the Fag”. The 32-Year-old was after his third metatarsal just before the world Cup in June in Russia back in shape.

He was very happy to be back in top shape, said New. “I can make all of this, nothing hurts more.” In the first half of the season best goalkeeper rode for the FC Bayern all League games over 90 minutes. In part, criticism of his achievements, he considers to be unjustified. He wanted to show the current world’s best goalkeepers “already, I can too,” said New leaf.

A resignation from the national team was for him after the world Cup-not an issue. “I’m not at all tired, I still feel very hungry and I still have the great desire to play in the national team and to win titles,” said New. The goal is now to qualify as a group for the Euro 2020. “People want to see a national team, the fun and back into the stadium.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit London Bay for 120 million euros of additional ferries jr/dpa


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