the What we attack know hack:

  • hundreds are affected, especially from Federal and state policy, television and show business. To each of the parties it lists, each with names and associated data. By far the longest list in the CDU. Individual information to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).
  • different files and information, partly professional, partly private, Including telephone numbers, Fax numbers, and E-Mail were to identify Published addresses, copies of personnel, and lease agreements, private addresses, also all the chat histories, invoices, and letters. Even private Chats and voice messages from spouses and children, as well as Skype-names of children of the Affected have been published.
  • Not all data are strictly confidential. It also has information like phone numbers, everyone can find publicly on the Internet.
  • From the area of the Chancellery and Chancellor Angela Merkel have been published according to information from the Federal government, no sensitive data – at least after the first exam.
  • Many data are genuine, including telephone numbers and Bank statements – but there are also Fakes. The SPD member of the German Bundestag Florian Post speaks of at least a fake file. “It’s not mine, it was sent to me, and I haven’t saved,” he told the German press Agency.
  • The AfD is the only one in the Bundestag represented party, it shall have no list of your own.
  • Some of the information was online for long without it being noticed. The first data on the Twitter Account @_0rbit already on 19. July 2017 published, at the time, to Jan böhmermann. Then a longer gap between August 2017 and August 2018, was followed by occasional further information. Targeted data were published in December 2018 as a kind of advent calendar.
  • But it was not until Thursday evening, a larger circle was not disputed, the extent of the attack was slow. The Chancellery received shortly before midnight, the knowledge of which, said the Deputy government spokeswoman Martina Fietz. On Friday afternoon, the Twitter was blocked-Account.
  • in addition to hundreds of politicians, even celebrities are also affected from the world of show business. About actor Til Schweiger will leave this matter to the currently legally by his lawyers check, said his spokeswoman.
  • Some of the published data are still very young – for example, from the November, 2018.
  • a number of authorities are now engaged with the enlightenment, including the Federal Bureau of investigation, but also a number of country authorities. The coordination of the measures is according to the Federal Ministry of the interior, the National Cyber defence centre (BSI). The attorney General intervened in the examination of the attack. This had been created in the authority in Karlsruhe, a so-called observation process, said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of justice.

What we know:

  • is Completely unclear who is behind the attack. The owner of the said account, describes himself on Twitter, even with terms such as Security, Researching, artists, Satire and irony. His Blog has since been removed, the data was uploaded, possibly as a backup – even on other pages, where you were on Friday afternoon still available.
  • What is the Motivation the authors had, is also open. Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD), that they wanted to damage the trust “in our democracy and its institutions”.
  • Whether the victims were deliberately selected, is not known. There is some evidence – for example, that in show business, many of the satirist.
  • it is Unclear how the authors came to the data. According to dpa-information it is also possible that someone who has by his activity access to sensitive data, could have put this online. A possible point of attack is the power of the Bundestag. The data of the Celebrities, musicians and presenters could here come, seems unlikely.
  • The investigators still have no safe knowledge whether it is in the attack a Hack or a Leak was the cause. A Hack security be circumvented in arrangements of systems – for example, an E-Mail Server. As a result, the attacker can control the System and to sensitive data access. In the case of a Leaks an Insider collects illegal data and publishes them.

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