In August, Meissen, back to the Mecca of the strongest men in the world. The Active can use this time to collect for the anniversary of the event, even ranking points for the Olympics.

Since 1971, with a longer interruption in the time of the transformation – the international weight-lifters-Elite in Meissen in the Cup of the Blue swords a year for a tryst. With the revival of the tradition of the event in the year 2012, it is Meissen, the volunteer organizers from the athletics club with the support of many helpers from the Region have managed to give the former world Cup tournament back to a bright Shine. The Premiere of the new training and competition facility in the Holy reason, in the last of may, with world class lifters from ten countries in front of an enthusiastic audience was a particular highlight.

Now the world weightlifting Federation IWF ennobles the efforts by the betting has taken the dispute to the white Gold as a qualifying competition for the Olympic games 2020 in the official IMF calendar. 30. Cup of the Blue swords is to be the international Olympic qualification tournament.

On the 30. and 31. August, the struggle for the coveted swords trophies, at the same time, important ranking points for an Olympic place in 2020 in Tokyo. The anniversary tournament, under the good auspices of Lord mayor Olaf Raschke promises, as usual, the voltage at the sports highest level. This encouraging development has many friends and supporters of the weightlifting and loyal sponsors contributed in a decisive way.

information about the event times and Tickets will be announced after the registration deadline in the spring of 2019.

*The contribution of the “Cup of the Blue swords is Olympia-Quali” comes from the weekly courier. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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