The first duel with Red Bull, has won a Mercedes: While the images from the Launch of the RB15, was presented to the new silver arrow (official name: F1 W10 EQ Power+). The German-British Team completed in Silverstone (parallel to Red Bull) a first Shakedown and has published the first photos and press information on the new car for the formula 1 season in 2019.

From the front of the car as little surprise. From the side, a kind of Tarnlackierung is in the rear area, however, visible. In the past few weeks, the Mercedes Team had a Social Media campaign, in the individual excerpts of which were shown. Apparently a reminiscence of the “Erlkönig”-painting, with the help of the new electric Mercedes EQC, which is coming in 2019 the market has been caught.

According to Mercedes, the new Design was reduced to two main elements. The first Element is a star pattern, to stand for the elegance and comfort of the brand. The second Element is the classic turquoise flow track in the colours of the main sponsor, Petronas, which stands for speed and dynamics.

Mercedes is an exercise in restraint,

Sporty can do it for Mercedes, after five double world titles in a row, only one goal: the sixth title. Superstar Lewis Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff have identified over the Winter also Michael Schumacher’s seven titles as a long-term goal to motivate yourself after so many Successes.

On the driver’s side, nothing changes by the way: Hamilton starts in 2019, on his sixth title, with Valtteri Bottas a further year on Board. The Finn sat in the first exit of the new cars on the tax before the afternoon Hamilton. A test driver is Esteban Ocon, to be built up for a Grand Prix Cockpit in the year 2020. Mercedes-AMG F1 this Is the new world champion car? Mercedes has presented its new silver arrow for the formula 1.

Despite all the achievements you set for Mercedes but rather on restraint: “The season of 2019 presents us with new challenges,” says team boss Toto Wolff. “The regulations has changed significantly. We start at zero and have to prove ourselves again – in comparison with our own expectations, but also against our competition.”

Shakedown is important for Barcelona Test

“We go with zero points in the season. Therefore, we can regard nothing as a matter of course, and there is absolutely no reason automatically to assume that we will again be in the front,” warns the Austrians. “In fact, the changes for the new season, every Team has the rule a Chance at the title and we see everyone as a potential competitor.”

today’s Shakedown for the Mercedes already an important step in view of the forthcoming championship. At the exit, which counts as one of the two official movie days of each team, the final system checks prior to the start of winter testing in Barcelona.

“We want to be in Barcelona ready for use to measure us with the values from our simulations and to learn whether our predictions come true on the track,” says Wolff. “We look at ourselves, to increase our Performance constantly, and then hopefully for the first Qualifying session of the season on Saturday in Melbourne.”

A very special year for Mercedes

For Mercedes-2019 is Not a historic year, in this season of the 1,000-formula-1-Grand-Prix taking place in China, it is also the tenth season since the beginning as a factory team. Together with its parent company, the Team celebrates this year 125 years of Motorsport: In 1894, Daimler won-motors, the first car in the world of race Paris to Rouen.

And: 2019 marks the 85th anniversary of the silver arrows. According to legend, was scraped in 1934, before a race at the Nürburgring, the white paint on the Mercedes W 25, in order to save weight. Similar should also happen at the finish of 2019: The new Design is intended to bring to the information of the Teams a slight weight advantage compared to the previous year.

This article was written by Christian Nimmervoll, Co-author: Norman Fischer (display) formula 1 on Sky book

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