at Least the last Renncharakteristikum it is also a Christian Heyne and his colleagues from the “HoMe Micro Car Rally Team”. With the noise and spectacular Drifts your rally sport has to do but little. It is a matter of tactics and technical precision. Because the Team needs only a technician and not a driver, because your car alone must see with its Sensors and the computer control over the round course.

The students and their teacher, Dirk Hesselbach take part in each year at one of a half-head of group-oriented robot car race on a technology trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Currently, the preparations for the sixth edition of the run in February. The Merseburger want to compete with two Teams: one of the Bachelor’s and the master’s students. For parts of the 18-member team, the work is a study of power, other crafts in their spare time on the vehicles.

control by the host and a kit for the car

For which there is a control by the host and a modular system for the car. The latter can be used. “Brutus”, the car want to compete with the master’s students, however, is largely an in-house development, two years ago, the Racing Team price was won by the innovation. “This year, we rely less on Innovation and more on development,” says Heyne, who studied actually, in Köthen, for the project to Merseburg, because he writes his master thesis about Sensors. The errors that the car had two years ago, should be eradicated in order for it to work this time also in the race with a success.

For this, the Team must survive the first qualification on the 80-Meter-long course. It depends on the time and the fact that the car stays on the track, because each means Leaving ten seconds of time penalty. The track itself consists of a dark roadway with 90-degree curves, bridges and chicanes. A white line is used for the optical Sensors as a guide. “We have increased the number this year from eight to 32,” says Heyne. The car was programmed so that he’ll stay on the center line. If the makes a bend, he brakes in time, so that he gets the curve. That is why it is important, discussed Hesselbach, to find the right mix between risk-taking and mistake-free Driving.

cars of the rally-Teams are programmed to stop if the roadway leave

The cars of the rally-Teams are programmed so that they remain standing, if you don’t leave the pavement, so you drive as in the first year through the whole exhibition hall. In your Training home, a cool room in a dilapidated building in the West of the Campus, can not escape the car anyway. Here are the men, and the few young women studying mainly engineering, computer science or automation technology and have built a small training track.

“they are here only 15 to 20 percent of the route,” says Heyne. Only shortly before the race, you could build the entire course for Training times in the library. In order to create it during the actual Competition in Nuremberg, Germany to the final of the best Eight. However, even without such a sporting success, a lecturer hesselbach sees great Benefit for the participants: “you can work study course across a large project.” (mz)

This article was written by Robert Briest

*The contribution “In the track remain: students of the University of applied Sciences Merseburg train for the robot rally” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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