How much money is invested in the city?

Alone in funding from various programs in the city of Merseburg receives for the coming year to 4.4 million euros, which will be plugged in no more than a half-dozen real estate. In addition, own resources, which will raise the city for the various projects. The money is flowing, among other things, in primary schools, the houses, the Petri monastery and the Palace garden salon. The latter receives around 400,000 euros one of the biggest chunk of the subsidies. The money is used, among other things, the renovation of the ground floor and the facade.

Will also benefit day-care centres funding?

Yes, because in the list of the city projects in the coming year, renovations are in the kindergartens, “Flax and crumbs”, as well as on the vineyard. In the latter, establishment of around 170,000 euros to be invested in the complete redesign of the outdoor facilities and play equipment. Also paths, driveways and stairs, as well as the terrace will be renewed according to the Plan, in the coming year. In the day-care centre “Flax and crumbs” must be renewed in the electrical system. Also, the facility will receive new Interior and exterior doors. 250.000 Euro funding can be spent the city.

Which Work for other objects?

a Whopping 630,000 Euro of funding to be alone, put in new outdoor sports facilities of the Curie, the Geiseltaltor and the Lilienthal elementary school. The school in rose valley will also get a new sports and schoolyard also be renewed heating and ventilation as well as doors, floor and Ceilings (640,000 euros). In addition, the gym, the Dürer is a renovated elementary school (€150,000).

For the backup, and complete renovation of a dilapidated building with the address Domprobstei 7 are used 1.4 million euros in funding. With the money the Foundation of the building is to be stabilized.

where do you get the funding?

The 4.4 million Euro, the city of Merseburg, for a variety of investments in the coming year, come out of the pot for urban development funding from the Federal government and the country. The money must not be legally issued in the coming year. The authorisation is valid until 2022. As the Bureau of land management announced before Christmas, will benefit many other municipalities in the hall a circle of such funds, among other things, Ford and Leuna Mücheln, cross. (mz)

This article was written by Michael Bertram

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