training: Before his career as a racing driver, Schumi completed from 1986 to the dealership, the Ex-racer Willi Bergmeister in Langenfeld successfully an apprenticeship as a Motor mechanic.

B is for brother: Ralf is seven years younger than Michael, and was also a successful motor racing driver. In the case of 180 formula 1 Starts, he drove to six Wins.

50 moving images from 50 years of Schumi 48 imago/Kräling formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is 50: Moving moments from Schumis breakneck life

C is for Corinna: His wife, Schumi learned to 1991 know, the two married in 1995 in a civil ceremony and the Church.

D debut: was his first in formula 1 for Jordan, Schumi only because of the actual regular driver Bertrand Gachot had to serve a short prison sentence.

“a robot cry”

E as in emotions: After the tragic death of a fireman in the Grand Prix of Italy was crying the otherwise cool Schumi in the press conference unrestrained. “Even a robot can cry”, was the headline in the “Corriere dello Sport” at the time.

F as in football: The Swiss football club Echichens FC Schumacher kicked for a time, even in the third League. Bong arts/ Brought, also on the lawn is always full: Michael Schumacher

G birthday: On the 3. January 1969 saw Michael Schumacher in Hürth, North Rhine-Westphalia in the light of the world. Tomorrow Schumi 50.

H as a helper: For the children’s charity Unesco, the record-breaking champion was involved since the beginning of his career. Even as he was in formula 3, his first win bonus, had he felt the need to help, he said later.

I like to Italian: for Ten years, Schumi for Ferrari raced in the formula 1. But his Italian was not up to the end of the cooperation in 2006, is rather poor.

the first race

J as Jordan: For the former formula-1-Team denied Schumacher 1991 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa in his first race. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Benetton, where he remained until 1995.

children: son Mick is already a celebrity and starts next year in formula 2. Daughter Gina-Maria is a successful Western rider.

L as canvas: to see in the cinema Schumi was. In the feature film “Asterix at the Olympic Games,” mimed the Germans Schumix. The drove, of course, chariot races.

M as in mom: Elisabeth Schumacher died in 2003 at the age of 55 years with liver cirrhosis. On the day of her death, Michael and Ralf have started, nevertheless, at the race in Imola, Michael won. The night before both brothers were rushed by private jet to the bedside of the mother.

N as name of donor: An Asteroid, the on 24. September, was discovered in 1992 by two German researchers, contributes to honor Schumacher’s name (15761) Schumi.

O as oasis: enjoys Schumacher for tax purposes in Switzerland. With the Alpine nation, he was able to negotiate an agreement. In Germany, you were “yourself stupid if you make me an offer,” he once said.

win rate of 29,64%

P as Pope: a devout Catholic, Pope John Paul II was personally in an audience to get to know. As a gift for the Pontiff, there was a Mini-Ferrari.

Q rate: 307 formula 1 Starts, won Schumi 91 Times. This makes a win rate of 29,64%.

R how records: Still Schumi holds 28 of the best brands in formula 1. Including the most wins (91), the most titles (7), or the most podium finishes (155).

S such as Shoe designer: With the Swiss company Navy boat Schumi designed 2011 sneakers. The collection was limited to 88 pieces, a Few of the gold-and-red kicks at a cost of 5,000 euros.

T like death: A tasteless message on the Internet to the death of Schumacher’s 2016 caused a mighty bustle. But the Whole was only a Trick to lure Users to a Erotic site.

A Crash as the biggest disgrace

U like Utah: In the US Federal state, and more precisely in the town of Moab, spent a Schumacher many holidays, as his wife Corinna is a keen Western rider. He was also often on the breathtaking mountain bike trail Slickrock Trail.

V as Villeneuve, Jacques: The Canadians will always be Schumis biggest shame. In the last race of 1997, Schumacher was one point ahead of Villeneuve. As he tried to overtake him, moved Schumacher to the inside and caused a collision. Villeneuve, Schumi slid into the gravel bed. Bong arts/ title counterparty 1997: Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher (li.)

W as Willi Weber: Schumis longtime Manager. In 1988, Weber caught up with him in the formula 3, and represented it until 2010. By the way, he secured 20 percent of all income.

X as X-fold Schumi honors and awards received, such as inclusion in the FIA Hall of Fame, the Silver Laurel leaf by the President or the honorary citizenship of Maranello.

Y, such as Yacht: Schumacher was not only with the cars fast on the road, but also on the water, in his Yacht “Corinna” was auctioned in 2010 on Ebay.

Z TIFF: To find a crashed lapping maneuvers against David Coulthard, retired from the Schumi, went to the German on the Scots, and had to be held by the pit crews. The two have spoken by now.

This article was written by John Schnabl

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